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Garmin Mount 35mm

Garmin Mount 35mm

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Garmin Mount - UK MADE

Over the last 5 years we have been bringing the production of the majority of our products inhouse to our high tech CNC manufacturing facility in Lincoln. The aim for our range of Garmin mounts was to offer superior manufacturing and materials quality, greater computer security and great value when compared to the cheap models on the market. These mounts are lightweight but we value the security of your expensive investment over gram chasing.

By 3d milling the bar mount point on the main body the light texture gives a gentle but firm grip on your bars so you dont need to overtorque the clamp bolts to make it stay in place. The custom plastic insert is made a tiny bit tighter than standard to firmly grip your computer especially on worn mounts, yet it is designed to break in an impact to limit damage to your computer and bars.

A handlebar mounted Garmin out front mount so you can keep track of where you're going while you're out on the trails.

  • Fits oversize 35mm diameter handlebars.
  • Compatible with Garmin Edge 20/25/200/500/510/520/800/820. (Garmin 1000/1030/810 requires the longer XL version)
  • Wahoo Bolt (turn plastic insert 90 degrees)

GoPro and Garmin light adaptors are coming in future to upgrade all our mounts.

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