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Elite Topcap - Black Hole Titanium

Elite Topcap - Black Hole Titanium

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Color: Black
We set out to design the best on the market ultra lightweight topcaps, with both beautifully functional and minimalist good looks. Normally topcaps are an afterthough made of stamped material with an ugly cheapo bolt. The Elite Black Hole Titanium topcap uses a 4mm hex to reduce the centrehole to the minimum size for ultra clean aesthetic, while using our titanium power screw system for clamping tension. Minimalist CNC engraving before anodise keeps things seriously stealthy. You can look good and save weight at the same time with these ultralow profile CNC beauties.

Superstar Elite Topcaps are manufactured in our UK CNC machine shop to ultrafine precision and finish, on our CNC Swiss lathes. With an innovative design to securely tension your Aheadset headset using a Aerospace grade forged G5 Titanium dual screw bolt. Exposed stack height of 1mm, internal ribbing for stiffness.

Weight 6.5g for complete set. There are lighter options on the market but they use aluminum bolts which corrode and snap.

Fitting range:

Fits standard Aheadset type headsets with star fangled nut (SFN) 

Fitting instructions:

  1. Clean installation areas and use anti seize grease on both threads
  2. Check SFN position is correct and straight
  3. Wind power screw into topcap fully till it touches the end of threads
  4. Wind boltand topcap assembly into SFN until maximum hand tightness is achieved. Check stem is loose and everything is alligned
  5. Turn power screw 4mm hex approx 1 turn clockwise to preload headset bearings correctly. Max Torque 5Nm
  6. Torque stem bolts

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