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Pedal Bushing Spares

Pedal Bushing Spares

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Everything from suspension systems to hubs use bearings to keep them spinning accurately and efficiently. These standard size components are designed to be easy to swap out when worn with new bearings, keeping your investment performing to the max. Unfortunately most bike frame or component makers aren't really interested in selling spare parts so they tend to be hard to get or just plain expensive.

At Superstar we like to keep things running sweetly so we teamed up with several quality bearing manufacturer to make a range of replacement parts for sensible money. Yes they aren't the super sexy SKF beauties we fit as standard to our hub range, but they are a fifth of the price and good enough for 99% of uses. They are certainly considerably better quality than the majority cheapo bearings you find on certain websites!

Standard size DU style sintered bronze and PTFE plain bushes for things like pedals or rear shocks. Quality parts as used in most bike products which are easy to swap out for play free operation.

Alternatively IGUS make ultra high quality bushings which we use as an upgrade to standard DU types, we stock a small range of the part numbers we buy in bulk and use in our products. The JVSM model self adjusts to remove play from wear in use and is self lubricating.

Grab a bag to keep you going for a long time.


NOTE: Due to the nature of this product we cannot accept returns for opened packages for quality reasons, the clear window allows for  inspection.

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