Superfly QR Seatclamp - CLEARANCE

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An ultralight CNC machined quick release seatclamp which matches our Superfly QRs. NOTE: The size is the external diameter of the seat tube on the frame, not the diameter of your seatpost.



    Ultra lightweight components suitable for cross country racing only.


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Tech Specs


  • 31.8 - 27g
  • 34.9 - 29g
  • 38.1 - 32g



  • Does What It's Supposed To

    Posted on 18 January 2016 by D. Cook

    5 stars
    Nice and smooth to operate, light, does everything it's supposed to and compliments the other coloured parts perfectly
  • Mr

    Posted on 5 June 2015 by Adam mudie

    5 stars
    smooth easy operation that has remained tight on long xc rides and dh parks, really well made and nice bit of bike bling just a shame blue seems to be always out of stock for my new bike
  • Peter Douglas

    Posted on 8 May 2013

    2 stars
    The clamp itself works quite well, smooth to use so long as the mechanism is kept well lubricated and the colour's are decent however, the lever is very badly designed. It hurts a lot to use if the mechanism is even slightly tight because it is so thin and it doesn't sit flush with the clamp (this is for a 31.8), I have to run it at really quite an angle so the lever isn't sticking outwards. Al
  • Simon Wharton

    Posted on 30 August 2012

    5 stars
    I bought one of these for the GFs bike - part economy drive, part weight savings bc she is tiny. It works well. I was concerned that the rather thin lever would be a bit painful on the palm to close up tightly but the cam seems to work well enough to allow a good grip on the seat post without palm-pain. Good purchase and if they made one in a 29.8 I'd get one for my bike.
  • Craig Wallace

    Posted on 29 August 2012

    5 stars
    usual great quality and lime green - it doesn't get any better!