Slider Chain Device

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The slider chain device is designed for use with a single ring at the front (no front mech). This device is compatible with 32-38 tooth chainrings and has an intergrated composite bashguard for heavy use. It is manufactured from lightweight aluminium, with cartridge bearing rollers and composite reinforced guide cages for quiet and secure running. It is available in ISCG or ISCG05 fittings (both models are also supplied with a BB mount for fitting to bikes with no ISCG tabs), and in bashguard specific and non-bash versions. For fitment information please consult your frame manufacturer's website. Fully customisable, a full range of spares and replacement parts are also stocked for this product.

Which guide-kit do I need?

Non-Bash = This guide is the full cage option. This is the correct option if you are not using a bash ring.

Bash-Guide = This guide is to be selected if you wish to use a bash ring. This is an open cage where the bash ring will close the guide.

Weight: from 248g 



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  • Good Value, But Ultimately Didn't Work For Me

    Posted on 29 January 2018 by D. Kubaszewski

    2 stars
    I've tried this to fit on my Bird Aeris with GX Eagle on it and from the start the top guide was impossible to set up. It's just too long and too narrow inside. The tensioner was a bit tricky to set up, as the narrower chain had tendency to fall of it. I thought I would use it for the bash plate, but that ended when the chain fell between the ring and the backplate. Because of the way the screws
  • Doesn't Work On The Santa Cruz Nomad

    Posted on 2 March 2016 by P. Hörmanseder

    4 stars
    Bought this chain device for my Nomad but sadly I can't mount it because there is not enough clearance between the upper screw from the top guid and the frame. Also the bash guard is to big for small chainrings but this is more an optical problem than a technical one For me it isn't/wasn't clear whats the difference between BASH GUID and the NON BASH GUID
  • Not Too Effective

    Posted on 23 July 2015 by FishyBob666

    3 stars
    I used that guard for a week in the Alps. It worked fine for the first three days until the chain jammed in the top guide then it would jam 3/4 times a day after. i couldnt lower the top guide any further without fouling the chainring bolts. Aligned and fitted correctly on a Kona Entourage, after having to grind down the back bolt for clearance. Note the slider plate looks too big if you're using
  • Slider Chain Device

    Posted on 14 January 2015 by Orlando Dante Appleby

    5 stars
    Good value, good quality, fast delivery and relatively easy to install. A had quiet a destructive crash, involving snapping my frame, and this device took a large portion of the impact and saved my crankset, they guide ran well while I used it and I will buy another one if I need a chain device again. Thank you superstar.
  • Iain Lowther

    Posted on 27 April 2014

    1 stars
    This is the worst chain guide i have ever used. I used to run a 3 speed front deraileur as a chain guide until i bought this and i would prefer the deraileur as it held the chain better. The top guide on this is horrible as it only covers one side of the chainring and it lets the chain get down behind the back which jams the chain between the guide and the chain ring. It isn\'t like this only happ