SKF Bearing Kits - Standard Sizes

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For the last 5 years we have been using SKF Bike Specific Bearings on our hubsets and now they are avalible to the public for upgrading your hubs or frame. The engineers at SKF designed custom specifications for standard size bearings to optimise thier performance and durability when used in the unique conditions encountered by mountain and road bikes. Due to the lower RPM and harsh conditions encontered on bicycles, standard bearings designed for high speed machinery just are not suitable. We asked the engineers to create a custom designed bearing with optimised seals, higher grease fill and clearances perfect for bike use.

  • Custom sealing for ultimate durability
  • Extremely high grease fill for longer lifespan
  • SKF waterproof greaase installed at the factory
  • Optimised tolerances and clearances
  • Precision sub-micron graded balls
  • SKF ultra high performance bearing steels for the balls and races
Sold individually in the most common sizes, just order the sizes required for your part and upgrade to the best bearings on the planet.
Unfortunately quality of this nature doesn't come cheap. State of the art ultra precision manufacturing technology from the most famous bearing manufacturer in the world guarentees ultimate performance.

NOTE: Due to the nature of this product we cannot accept returns for opened packages for quality reasons, the clear window allows for  inspection and checking of contents. 




Service kits for maintaining any brand parts with SKF high quality bearings.

KIT No.Bearings
KIT 1(x2) 609
KIT 2(x2) 699 or 619/9
KIT 3(x2) 6000
KIT 4(x2) 6001
KIT 5(x2) 6002
KIT 6(x2) 6802
KIT 7(x2) 6804
KIT 8(x2) 6805
KIT 9(x2) 6901
KIT 10(x2) 6902
KIT 11(x1) 6902 (x1) 6903
KIT 12(x1) 6802 (x1) 6902
KIT 13(x1) 6002 (x1) 6902
KIT 14(x1) 6803 (x1) 6802
KIT 15(x1) 17287
KIT 16(x2) 6903