Reviews - December 2014

  • Lord

    Posted on 31 December 2014 about Balance Seatclamp - 31.8mm - CLEARANCE by mark payne

    5 stars
    Fantastic quality,and a killer price! holds my dropper post with minimal torque,brilliant!
  • Mr

    Posted on 29 December 2014 about Gear Hanger GH-080 by Darren

    3 stars
    does fit my Boardman 650B comp HT 2014. same sort of shape but its to small. the pitch between the 2 holes on this is about 14mm. The one on bike is about 18mm. if its the right one for your bike fair enough, quality is the same as stock ones. price is very good and service is amazing.
  • Waterworth

    Posted on 17 December 2014 about Disc Brake Adaptor by phillip

    1 stars
    I don't recamend these if you want a mount you can just fit and not worry about iv had 3 now and all 3 I had to reface luckily in a cycle tech my self so know what I'm doing and have the tolls but a very poorly made piece from superstar
  • Mr

    Posted on 11 December 2014 about Sintered Disc Brake Pads by Rich

    5 stars
    Can't fault these pads. No noise when properly bed in. Can't believe people even complain about noise anyway. If you're worried about noisy brakes then you must be worried about scaring horses on the canals and roads, not about actually stopping. These pads are fine.

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