Reviews - December 2010

  • Joe Kindred

    Posted on 30 December 2010 about 5 Layer Braided Hose (3m length)

    2 stars
    I bought these braided hoses in blue to replace the standard hoses on my Hayes Strokers to give my bike a touch of colour. As usual the order was easy and the products turned up within a week... excellent service. But unusually for Superstar products the quality of the hoses is poor. The outer protective layer of plastic is very thin and easily damaged especially during fitting. Also the hoses th
  • John Savastano

    Posted on 24 December 2010 about Disc Brake Adaptor

    5 stars
    Cheap and great fit 160-180 post mount. Why pay more?
  • Dominik Spies

    Posted on 22 December 2010 about Plasma Chain Device

    5 stars
    Order mine with red backplate and white plastics. Mounted by the BB-adapter on y Tomac Moah Frame. Fit very well, nice design, and has a good performance. Little bit noisy but not as loud as the old Boxguide. Much lighter than Boxguide. Missing a little bit some Taco-bash like the E.13 LG.
  • Sven Vucic

    Posted on 19 December 2010 about Organic Disc Brake Pads

    5 stars
    Had an Shimano SLX disc brake on front, with resin pads. Bought these, came to my country in 10 days (which is very fast), after 60km of driving mainly on the road (it's winter, so didn't go to my favourite trail/mountain many times, only once or 2 times - my favourite trail is a 20km uphill, and round 10km of big descents with a lot of braking, and 10km mild descent) they were bedded in. Same pow
  • John Baas

    Posted on 18 December 2010 about 4 Pack Organic Disc Brake Pads

    5 stars
    Hello from The Netherlands, I was surprised how quick the pads arrived, ordered on Sunday the 12th and here on de 17th, super. They look good, even better than Avid pads. unfortunately the testing will have to wait because of the frost and snow over here, no biking this weekend. Great service and a real good price.
  • Chris Young

    Posted on 16 December 2010 about Chain Breaker Tool

    5 stars
    great quality product! I bought it to replace the one that snapped that cost twice the price! Brilliant service as usual...
  • Felix Hartman

    Posted on 16 December 2010 about 4 Pack Sintered Disc Brake Pads

    5 stars
    Use them on both of my Saint breaks. Cheap, long lasting (though not as long as Shimano Saint sintered, but they last longer than any other brake pad) and medium quiet (louder than organic, quiter than Shimano Sinter). On my 7Point freerider I use the Kevlar pads for my back brake, because the frame somehow makes all sintered pads vibrate and haul like a freight trein. Once they are down to 1/3 of
  • Felix Hartman

    Posted on 16 December 2010 about Disc Brake Adaptor

    5 stars
    Cheap, seem to be identical to Shimano adapters - same form, same weight (so sligthly heaver than adapters for weight weenies).
  • Bernard Mc Clement

    Posted on 14 December 2010 about 4 Pack Sintered Disc Brake Pads

    5 stars
    Good pads, excellent price. Have these on my Trek Fuel EX9 and my Boardman Hardtail. Take a little while to bed in properly (although with all the ice about it's been difficult to ride at a decent pace), but they're great when fully operational.
  • Adrian Karim

    Posted on 10 December 2010 about Plasma Chain Device

    5 stars
    Just got mine in the post, gold ISCG with white non-bash guides - excluding the extra BBmount bit and ISCG bolts, it was 173g on my digital scales.... Finish looks really good, will fit it this weekend and report back. First impressions very favourable. Pimptastic..

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