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  • Specilised Hanger Scs Replacement

    Posted on 12 February 2021 about Gear Hanger GH-083 by p. bowker

    5 stars
    I bought the hanger for my 2016 Specialised Diverge. The bike used the SCS system which prevented full gear shifting following the upgrade of my wheel set with none SCS spec. This was something I discovered after purchase and fitting the wheels. New hanger fits like a glove and provides full gear range. I now have a standard Diverge without the SCS thingey. Well done Superstar for providing the sm
  • Merlin Malt 3

    Posted on 8 September 2017 about Gear Hanger GH-115 by P. Hoyle

    5 stars
    Thanks to the previous reviewer this showed up in Google as a fit for my Merlin Malt 3. Less than half the price of one obtained from Merlin (and which are almost certainly no longer available).
  • Value & Service

    Posted on 24 January 2017 about Gear Hanger GH-033 by D. Hanson

    5 stars
    Excellent value for money and very fast FREE delivery.
  • Merlin Malt 3

    Posted on 10 January 2016 about Gear Hanger GH-115 by R. Chambard

    5 stars
    Great fit for my Merlin Malt 3 frame (Merlin stopped selling spares!) - fast shipping, easy to install and come with 3mm hex screws with a less likely to round than my previous OEM hanger.
  • Mr

    Posted on 29 December 2014 about Gear Hanger GH-080 by Darren

    3 stars
    does fit my Boardman 650B comp HT 2014. same sort of shape but its to small. the pitch between the 2 holes on this is about 14mm. The one on bike is about 18mm. if its the right one for your bike fair enough, quality is the same as stock ones. price is very good and service is amazing.

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