Reviews for Road - Braking - Disc Brake Hoses

  • A Specific Item That Needs Attention...

    Posted on 22 August 2020 about Disc Brake Hose Fitting Kit Alloy by A. Cattolico

    3 stars
    Those are not for everybody, being aluminium it means you need to know how much you torque them, and you need good tooling as well! Use those magic Knipex Wrench-Pliers to avoid damaging the finish ;-) I am leaving 3 stars because yes they do fit my Hope MonoMini levers and calipers, but they don't work well with Hope's braided hose. If the Superstar braided hose was available, I would have
  • Really Great!

    Posted on 2 February 2018 about 4 Layer Hose (3m length) by G. Somma

    5 stars
    Stiff and well made. Great!
  • Ottimo!

    Posted on 18 September 2017 about 5 Layer Braided Hose (3m length) by D. Dadich

    5 stars
    Ottimo prodotto che migliora notevolmente la frenata che rimane potente e modulabile in ogni occasione.
  • Cheap & Cheerful :-)

    Posted on 29 August 2017 about Olive and Insert Kit by A. Humpheson

    5 stars
    As mentioned in a previous review, they are tricky to push in but I've found that if you gently warm the end of the hose with a hair dryer, the softened hose slides on much easier. Work perfectly for Avid Elixir brakes and Superstar hoses.
  • Not Bad

    Posted on 26 September 2016 about 5 Layer Braided Hose (3m length) by m. benc

    4 stars
    bought them a couple of weeks ago and fitted them on my codes with no problems,but as my fluid went a bit on the hose it released some color first i thought it was blood. after i cleaned it up it was ok, no marks or something else so it's cool, don't worry (that you know and don't panic) after a couple of weeks i noticed a flex spot near my lever, don't know why or how, so i had to cut it out,an
  • Not Bad For The Money

    Posted on 18 February 2016 about 4 Layer Hose (3m length) by P. Navarrete-Ortega

    5 stars
    Very fast shipping also. Although it might be said colours are a little bit brighter than expected.
  • Brake Hose

    Posted on 15 December 2015 about 5 Layer Braided Hose (3m length) by D. Houghton

    5 stars
    Took advantage of the santa code , so got for half price. 3 metres of braided silver for a tenner..happy days they feel yet..don't know as on a upgrade overhaul. .lightning dispatch
  • Soft Allloy

    Posted on 7 April 2015 about Disc Brake Hose Fitting Kit Alloy by Davy Garrett

    3 stars
    Bought the blue kit 2 for fitting to Shimano Zee brakes... the banjo bolt on the rear snapped as I was nipping it up... the alloy is very soft.. apart from that the kit and the hose are pretty good...
  • Great Way To Get A Bit More Bite

    Posted on 19 February 2015 about 5 Layer Braided Hose (3m length) by Brakenbury93

    3 stars
    Bought about a year or so ago, added a bit more bite to my brakes which was great, only issue i had was the brake fluid managed to get between the inner and outer linings, darkening the red colour in the hoses, looked great, but never great to have brake fluid where it shouldn't be.
  • Great Looking, Easy To Round

    Posted on 19 February 2015 about Disc Brake Hose Fitting Kit Alloy by Brakenbury93

    4 stars
    These fittings certainly look the part, but they're very easy to round off, although that's to be expected from aluminium. Unfortunately for me that meant re using the old ones on some of the fittings.

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