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  • Slackerizer Angleset

    Posted on 17 February 2021 about Slackerizer Angle Headset - 2 Degree - UK Made by H. Anzur

    5 stars
    Very happy with this angleset. I was a bit sceptical about it but the quality is top notch and you can really feel the difference. It went from 71° to 69° head angle on my old XC hardtail and stability at high speed is greatly improved and OTB feeling is greatly reduced. I can really recommend it to anyone who is looking to improve their bikes downhill ability without sacrefices going uphill and t
  • Great Upgrade

    Posted on 13 February 2021 about Slackerizer Angle Headset - 2 Degree - UK Made by I. govorko

    5 stars
    Slackerizer is well made. I installed it without much hassle. Split crown race is a huge winner. Fitting needs to be done carefully. Notches help you gauge the center really well. 2° slack can really make a noticable difference, which I didn't expect. Bike feels a lot more stable on descends. Climbs are not noticably worse. This is pretty cheap upgrade, but it's an upgrade that'll make your bik
  • Great

    Posted on 27 January 2021 about UK Made Headset - Complete by C. Morris

    5 stars
    Really pleased with the ZS56/ZS44 I bought. Equal quality to Hope at a third of the price. Speaking of, some people say these are tight but felt same to me as pressing in a hope ZS headset. Put the cups in the freezer night before if you've got a known tight frame maybe.
  • I Fordyce

    Posted on 8 September 2020 about Slackerizer Angle Headset - 2 Degree - UK Made by I. Fordyce

    5 stars
    Outstanding Over the moon its amazing what just 2 degrees does to the look of your bike only just finished fitting it so not sure how it feels yet but I'm pretty sure it will be excellent had a little bit of grief fitting the bearing Cup it was a little tight so I used a Dremel to take just a tiny bit off the inside of the head and put a bit of grease on and the cups went on sweet as a nut one th
  • Nice Kit, Great Price

    Posted on 28 August 2020 about UK Made Headset - Complete by B. Wood

    5 stars
    Purchased a ZS44 headset in blue. Was going to go for an FSA headset but had previously purchased an out front mount from Superstar, and so decided to give one of their headsets a try. Apart from a slightly different stack height, which was going to be the case, the headset pressed in well, albeit a little tight, but tighter equals less wobble room. Top components. Great stuff!
  • Excellent Quality And Great Value

    Posted on 6 June 2020 about UK Made Headset - Complete by a. Taylor

    5 stars
    These headsets are excellent value, substantially cheaper that other large bran names but offer excellent quality. One thing to note though is they are a very tight fit, definitely tighter than the ones that they replaced, although i didn't find this to be a massive issue.
  • Worth The Money

    Posted on 13 May 2020 about Slackerizer Angle Headset - 2 Degree - UK Made by P. Sulej

    5 stars
    Costs a bit more than a standard quality headset, well sealed which I appreciate, looks a bit chunky, but that's the price of performance in this case, and while we're at it- I didn't believe it would make any real difference till I installed it... The handling feel change is huge! The bike rides much better at high speed (67 vs 65 degree ha) and in steep terrain, much harder to keep straight at v
  • Very Tight

    Posted on 4 May 2020 about UK Made Headset - Complete by C. Preston

    4 stars
    quality headset but very tight on my Genesis equilibrium frameset. i used a proper headset press but getting the cups centred and started was very tricky. if i could suggest putting bit more of a chamfer on the leading edge would make installation a bit easier. other than that all good and the split crown race is a great idea.
  • Just Wow!

    Posted on 11 January 2020 about Slackerizer Angle Headset - 2 Degree - UK Made by P. Lucian

    5 stars
    My bike had a 70 degree fork angle and with these dropped to 68. I was a little sceptical if it will fit my bike ,but everything went smoothly. Nice quality and looks good.
  • Frank

    Posted on 6 November 2019 about UK Made Headset - Complete by F. Kolasky

    5 stars
    Fantastic headset easy to order and Hope quality half the price

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