Jonathan Corry

5 stars

Posted on 10th, September 2013 about Lockrings (x2)

Aside from looking awesome and being excellently made, solid bar ends like this serve a very important purpose. As I learned the hard way, bar ends are a safety feature, and if you use plastic plugs they can break in a crash, leaving a hollow tube which can be extremely dangerous. Last week, one end of my handlebar got stuck in the ground during a relatively mild crash, simply because the plastic plug broke on impact. The result was that I fell on top of the other end of the bar, which speared me in the chest. Fortunately, the plug at the other end held, otherwise I would have been much more seriously injured, but it's not a risk I ever plan to take again. Take it from me and my fractured rib, it's definitely worth the extra few pounds to buy yourself some of these instead of cheap plastic bar end plugs!