Chris Kluiters

3 stars

Posted on 10th, September 2009 about 4 Pack Organic Disc Brake Pads

Bought 2 sets this year in januari (Hayes Nine version) Biked 2000 km with the first set, 500km with the second.Only 500 due to one 90km track with a lot of rain and sand. They were halfway at the beginning of the trip and 20 km before the finish the backbrake was only steel on steel :( So if you ride in dry circumstances these are good 3 cons' Only for dry weather Backplate is to big due paint (my Version, used dremel to get the paint off but then i had a lot of rust on them.) The spring on Hayes nine version sucks, to lite so when you brake you hear the spring squeking against the disc. pros' Price durabilty (in dry weather ;) ) They'll do the job where they were made for So now i'm ordering the sintered versions