Jonathan Swift

4 stars

Posted on 7th, September 2008 about 4 Pack Organic Disc Brake Pads

I'm about to order my next 4 sets. Downsides, they are not as good as the original manufacturers, they don't last as long and I think they may be slightly thicker than the originals (Avid pads). Upsides, they seem to stop as well as the originals and they cost a 1/3 of the originals. If you work it on a pound per mile basis the Superstar pads are much better value for money. So far had no problems with the pads seperating form the backing, had one chip but that was probably me putting a wheel in and it didn't affect performance. I managed to contaminate one set with fork oil, at only ̏ 5 a pair I didn't feel too bad at chucking them and putting new ones in, I'd have been gutted if they had been Avid pads at ̏ 15 plus. Bottom line, they are not top of the range all singing all dancing pads but they are very good value for money.