Morgan Hampton

3 stars

Posted on 13th, November 2011 about Organic Disc Brake Pads

I bought two sets of these pads well over a year ago for the rear (and only) Hope brake on my DJ/4X bike. The first set worked well for a day or two, but then suffered a catastophic failure where the pad material tore away fully from the backing pad on one of the pads mid run on my local 4x track. I've no idea why this happened, and it was worrying at the time as I was left with practically no braking power! I had intended to send them back to Superstar, but the faulty pad got lost in the back of my car, and I never got around to hunting it out! I quickly popped the other pair in to the caliper, and they have been working fine. Not the best stopping power when compared to the kevlar pads, which some of my friends use, but up there with any other OEM and aftermarket pad from the big names. They've still got plenty of pad material left on them, but have unfortunately become glazed over after a summer of fine dust and high speed 4X. They stop me eventually, but lack any sort of bite now, and no amount of filing and brake cleaner can remove the glaze (as I've done with all other pads I've had - and any I've worked on during my 4 years as a cycle mechanic). Still, at this price I'd be a fool not to buy them again!