Matthew Williams

4 stars

Posted on 19th, February 2011 about Organic Disc Brake Pads

bought for shimano SLX 2009, purchased with 203mm wave discs from superstar - november 25th 2010. excellent pads that outperform the shimano ones by a noticeably large amount, the bite from them is immense, this is a slightly unfair review however as i changed both the discs and pads, but i assume that it's the pads that have made the biggest difference! bedding in was easy, a couple of gentle rolls down the hill with continuous gentle braking to build up some serious heat and they were ready to go. the bite from cold is excellent, they appear to be fade free, however the longest descents i do are about 3 minutes on a 1 mile DH track... in the wet (pouring down with rain all day) i noticed a considerable decrease in bite compared to my previous pads and a large drop in performance - i think this may be down to the new discs having less holes to help disperse water and the pads never building any temperature... maybe? the only downside to these pads is how long they last, the shimano pads lasted at least 5 times as long as these pads, i ride about twice a week for about 5 hours a time mainly DH and i have got through a set in two months. a set of Kevlar?s have just arrived and so i'll be changing them over for my next ride, i doubt i'll be able to go back to sintered after feeling the power of organic, but can't be bothered and don't want to have to buy new pads every two months (it will be more than that in the summer too as i'll be riding more!) so, to sum up (as i do go on a bit) for the money, these pads will be hard to beat, the performance they offer destroys standard sintered pads and at a quarter of the price they can afford to not last as long! i'm planning a five day (of riding, seven total) trip to winterberg in the summer - and will* be buying a five packs of these pads, one per day! mat. *unless the kevlar offer the same performance, but last longer.