Luverly Huberly

5 stars

Posted on 24th, August 2019 about V6 Boost Rear Hub - UK MADE by b. simpson

Excuse the title... These are really nicely made hubs. The finish on them is excellent and the coating seems super durable. The sound from the rear hub is a nice tick rather than a buz or a whirr. Not to loud, not too quiet. It sounds as it should, mechanical and precise. Quiet enough not to be irritating and buzzy but loud enough to warn errant walkers of your rapid approad ;) The bearings are beautifully smooth and the range of adaptors is vast allowing these to fit a 141qr frame. I had a set of these built up with stans arch rims. Total build weight was 1635g which has made for a nice, lightweight wheelset. When you consider the quality that you get for the cost, these really are excellent value. Similar builds around other 'UK made' hubs would have been heavier and more expensive! Only put 200 or so miles on them so far so don't have any remarks on the longevity of the bearings or anything but having removed the end caps to have a look at things, the sealing provided for the bearings looks to be very well thought out so I don't have too many concerns. Some reviews I read online prior to my purchase mentioned that the ends caps fell off too easily. If this ever was an issue, it seems to have been resolved with a nicely machined groove inside the end cap that holds a o ring to aid in retaining the end cap to the axle. Simple but works very well. There was a nice coating of light oil on all of the o rings and important bits which I think shows a decent amount of attention to detail. The overall build was excellent too, no wobble and no egg shaped bouncing. Really happy with ever aspect of the wheelset, if your considering these hubs then definitely go for it. You won't be disappointed
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