5 stars

Posted on 22nd, August 2017 about Nano-x Pedals by J. Simma

These dropped into the mailbox today. After a one hour ride, this is my conclusion (PS I'm joining thethe praise choir). !The pins are easy to install. They come in two lengths (8 & 10mm) together with an allen key. Superstar left 8 spares of each sort. - While they may look big and bulky from the outside, they fit my averagely sized feet perfectly. I'm a 42 (EU) and these are just big enough to cover my foot without sticking out past it. - The grip is amazing! Unlike anything I've ever seen. The pins dig into your shoes and despite me riding with 20€ street shoes I have superb grip. Almost like they were glued on. Still your not so stuck that you can't bail when needed. - Good material choice. They look great and feel robust. The glossy finish and slim body design makes them look sleek and stylish. - They're priceworthy. Coming from low quality stock pedals to these ones are going to feel amazing. Splurging 50€ on a pair of pedals might seem harsh, but then these are budget platform pedals. They sure don't look and perform as such though. In summary: They're awesome in every possible way. Time will tell how and if they last, but for now I'm very satisfied with my purchase.
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