David Hayward

1 stars
Almost killed my Blue Pig. This skewer has very little clamping force compared to a decent one. New build, I'd checked the skewer was tight before we set off, and on a gentle climb my bike spat the back wheel out, twisting the area of plate around the brake side dropout. Luckily the frame is steel, but it took an hour from my LBS then an extra hour of tweaking from me to get the frame true with brake mount and spacing back where they should be. Switched for a steel Hope skewer and it's fine now. In all, including this set of ti skewers and a replacement, this has cost me ̏80 when I could have spent a quarter of that on a decent rear skewer in the first place. These should be sold with a warning about their lack of clamping force, underlining that the ti is a weight weenie thing rather than a strength thing; I see a lot of people online who've had wheels fall out with similar skewers. Get something burly instead.