Lockrings (x2)

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Two replacement lockrings for Superstar Components lock-on grip models.

Weight: 21g Pair



    Ultra lightweight components suitable for cross country racing only.


    Lightweight parts suitable for off-road cross country riding.


    Tough light to mid-weight components designed for off-road trail riding.


    Sturdy components suitable for long off-road descents.


    Ultra-tough components suitable for the harshest conditions and descents.


  • Why Only 2

    Posted on 15 January 2015 by Paul

    2 stars
    I know the description states that you get a pair, but thought this meant enough lockrings for a pair of grips. Superstar products are great value normally, but £8 for enough lockrings for a pair of grips is silly given the price of a whole set. Come on these are basic extruded parts, an extra pair would be about 20p worth. charge £4.20p and avoid the irritation for those of us who rid
  • Replacement Lockrings

    Posted on 14 January 2015 by Orlando Appleby

    5 stars
    Had to replace the old ones after a crash, these cheap replacements arrived quickly and where exactly the same colour. Perfect. Thank you superstar.
  • James Fleming

    Posted on 11 February 2014

    5 stars
    Great Grips and Lock rings, Fantastic fast delivery, Nice Haribo sweets. Superstar Components all good stuff !
  • Jonathan Corry

    Posted on 10 September 2013

    5 stars
    Aside from looking awesome and being excellently made, solid bar ends like this serve a very important purpose. As I learned the hard way, bar ends are a safety feature, and if you use plastic plugs they can break in a crash, leaving a hollow tube which can be extremely dangerous. Last week, one end of my handlebar got stuck in the ground during a relatively mild crash, simply because the plas
  • Peter Dale

    Posted on 31 May 2013

    5 stars
    Excellent quality and match the Green of my hope brakes, a lot more solid than the oem lock-rings on my Lizard skins.