Elite Barends

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We set out to design beautiful ultralightweight bar ends to keep both your handlebars and yourself safe. Ugly plastic or rubber push in barends work fine but these are a work of art and a fraction of the weight. Nobody likes implaing themselves on an open ended handlebar, you can look good at the same time with these CNC barends.

Superstar Elite bar ends are manufactured in our UK CNC machine shop to ultrafine precision and finish, on our Swiss lathes. With an innovative clamping wedge design to securely grip on the inside of your bars. The kit is supplied with 2 sets of O-rings to customise to your bar.


Fitting range:

Fits standard 22.2mm OD handlebars. Internal bore dimentions must18.5mm or larger, ie any quality aluminium or handle bar.


Fitting instructions:

  1. Fit the largest O-ring with with the cone fully wound out
  2. Test the barend fits in the end of your bar
  3. If too large fit smaller O-ring
  4. Slide in fully and tighten to expand. NOTE Reverse thread!


  • Don't Waste Your Money

    Posted on 22 January 2021 by R. Brown

    1 stars

    They don't survive brushes with trees. They are fiddly to fit as the o-rings are too big or too small. And I've just stripped the bolt thread. £20 in the bin


    Superstar comment. If you have stripped the thread its been way overtorqued, probbly as the wrong o-ring size has been fitted. The bolt is purely to compress the o-ring to create friction inside the bar on thes