Arctic Kevlar Disc Brake Finned Pad Kit

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Arctic Technology heat dissipation pads from Superstar Components are a perfect way to upgrade your brake system to cope with hardcore riding and epic descents.

Using a custom made, CNC'd, aerospace specification aluminium fin which the pad slots into, Arctic pads run cooler than basic pads and the replaceable pad inserts mean you can keep your fins and replace only the pad element low cost replacements in the long term.

One pack includes 4 pairs of pads and 2 sets of fins so you can upgrade both of your brakes and have a spare pair of pads ready to fit.

Not sure which pad you need?

Please consult our Pad Identifier and Pad Fitment Guide for more information.

Not sure which compound to choose?

We offer 2 compounds for our Arctic Technology brake pads as follows:

Sintered - Yellow:a hard pad for long life in abrasive and extreme conditions.
Kevlar - Orange: a soft race pad for ultimate power with Kevlar fibres for extended life. 

Please note: Arctic technology finned pads are only compatible with Arctic pads which are designed with a thinner backplate. Arctic pads can be identified by yellow backing on sintered pads and orange backing on Kevlar pads. Do not attempt to run Arctic pads without fins or standard pads with fins - they will not work!


45 Day Guarantee:

If you are not happy with the performance of the pads you have bought, you can return them for a refund. All we ask is that you return the pads with a completed returns form Click here to download a returns form, detailing why you aren't happy with them and your preferred option. 

  • This guarantee is valid for 45 days from receipt of the pads. 
  • Refunds can only be made against the quantity of pads returned. 
  • Refund of return postage does not apply for this scheme. 
  • Pads which are faulty are covered under our general warranty terms and conditions.




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  • Cheaper Than Shimano

    Posted on 2 February 2016 by M. Penver

    3 stars
    They're fiddly to put on, the 2 finned parts and the 2 pads and the spring often pop out of your hand when you're trying to put them on. They last a while longer than shimano's ice tech pads but not sure if the fins do anything...