Zeal Pave28 RaceBuild

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We are in the process of moving warehouses so we have a selection of amazing deals to clear at super prices. Get the latest performance parts for never to be repeated great value. Here our best selling Pave28 wide performance rims are built with quality Sapim CX-Ray spokes onto our European made Zeal hub with high engagement hubs.

Our best selling Pave28 range of rims is designed to be wider to allow a rounder profile tyre for speed, comfort and aerodynamics. The benefit of a wider rim is that the tyre bead hooks are spread further apart, simultaneously rounding out the tyre's profile and increasing the tyre's internal air volume. This allows the use of lower tyre pressures, increasing rider comfort while decreasing rolling resistance.

Pave28: Aero profile and ultralight. 17mm internal wide rim is what all the big brands are only just releasing as the latest must have product. 685g Front, 860g Rear, 1545g Pair (real world weights excluding rimstrips)

The Zeal Pro hub is our latest superfast pickup hub designed to be a worldbeater with the best SKF bearings and precision machining by our manufacturer in Europe. 60 points of engagement with 3x2 double tooth freehub for bombproof reliability and superfast pickup.

Built in the UK with Black Sapim CX-Ray spokes and Sapim alloy nipples, only the best quality components and build will do.

These wheels are light, stiff and backed up by our comprehensive support package, including:

2 year warranty
Crash replacement discount scheme
Lifetime free truing service

QRs are not included in the price as you may want to run your own preference or choose from our range of colours and models to suit your colour scheme.


  • Race
  • Sportive
  • Cyclocross

Tech Specs

Suitable for road use, 700C wheels size

Freehub Compatibility:

This hub is compatible with 11 speed Shimano cassettes, using included spacer is also compatible with Shimano spline 8, 9 and 10 speed systems.


  • One Amazing Pair Of Wheels

    Posted on 4 August 2017 by R. Amaro

    5 stars
    Now with 800km on them they are completely right. Very smooth, consistent, confortable pair of wheels. Like them better than my 9000 Duraces
  • 4 Pairs Purchased At Amazing Price, But...

    Posted on 27 February 2017 by S. COLDWELL

    3 stars
    Purchased 4 sets of wheel between 4 clubs mates and used the new year 50% discount. Amazingly well priced wheels which use great components, but all four sets have had faults. Set 1. Removed from box and freehub fell off with race and front wheel was 4mm out of true. Set 2. Tension is so low in the rear wheel that it rubs on the break surface whenever out of the saddle. set 3. Low spoke tension
  • Excellent Wheels

    Posted on 24 January 2017 by N. Khan

    5 stars
    Having spent a lot of time researching wheels, I can agree with the review below that for the money (£140 - as part of the new year promotion), this is most definitely the best pair of wheels you can buy. These wheels have replaced a set of Compag Ventos and have improved the ride quality considerably. I think that they are probably on par with (or perhaps even better than) the Compag Zonda
  • Impressed

    Posted on 23 January 2017 by J. Skelton

    5 stars
    Did a lot of research before I bought them, they are probably the best wheels you can buy at this price point (50% off retail price so only paid £140). I have put a pair of Continental Grand Prix Tyres on them and saved about 1/2 Kg. They are plenty stiff enough, I am able to flex them with my hand but when riding there is no rubbing on the frame, my bike is designed for 23mm wide tyres with
  • So Far So Good!

    Posted on 19 September 2016 by A. Keenan

    5 stars
    Bought to replace the budget wheelset that came with my bike.I've only taken them out for a 60km ride so far, but I'm impressed. The bearings run really well, and the freehub engages quickly - It is a little noisy, but not overly so (certainly quieter than a friend's Hope Hoops!) Having the wider rim and being able to drop a few psi from the tyres has made a huge improvement in comfort. The wheel