WTB i23 V6 Wheelset Road Disc - Tubeless Ready

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After the huge success of the WTB rims for our mountain range we are launching an awesome lightweight and wide option for road/gravel using our legendary V6 hubs with Ultra precision SKF bearings. Built for durability using oversize axles, lots of seals, and Sapim Race spokes with Brass nipples, while still hitting a nice weight overall of 1800g. So hits all the tick boxes of light, wide, durable and.... a very nice price which we know will severely embarrass the purveyors of marketing guff at the you know who brands for their average catalogue products at silly prices.

 Did i say the hubs are manufactured right here in our factory in the UK as well.... we do things differently so we can sell a better product for a fair price. With the warranty and spare parts to back up our product for the long term.

We have teamed up with WTB performance rims, and by buying rims in huge volumes we can build probbaly the best value wheelset on the planet!

So what do you get?

Superstar V6 hubs fitted with standard sealed catridge bearings
  • 6 pawl freehub with 54 points of engagement
  • 17mm axle for durability
  • Replaceable endcaps
  • 2014 T6511 Hubshell and 7075 T6511 Freehub - The same top quality materials as all our hubs
  • Sapim Race Black double butted spokes
  • Sapim SILS Polyax brass nipples
  • Tubeless compatible rims - just add tape, valve, sealant of your choice
  • Choose from the range of rims – see list below
  • i23 TCS - 23mm internal - custom 24H option
  • Wheelset weights from 1800g approx depending on build.

Ideal for most styles of riding, everywhere from Cross Country, All Mountain and Gravity trails, they are heavy duty but are of a desirable weight.

Tubeless Compatible System:

The TCS technology designed by WTB means a lightweight TCS tyre can be used with their TCS wheels, creating a lightweight setup that will provide superior flat protection that rivals other weights on the market. The Rims feature a Bead Lock and an On-ramp inner rim wall design that holds the tyre bead in place. This drastically reduces the chance of the tubeless setup burping air should you be running a very low tyre pressure or even if the wheel happens to suffer a harsh landing.


TCS™ (Tubeless Compatible System) Technology: The solution for riders seeking high performance, lightweight and durable mountain bike wheel systems that are easy to install, fun to ride and simple to service. TCS tyres are the first sealant tubeless tyres to receive Mavic UST® certification, which means a proven fit between sealant tubeless tyre and rim. Say goodbye to air compressors, tyre levers and pinch flats. Say hello to your full riding potential.

TCS Rims: Combining the best of everything – UST compliant rim bead shapes are designed to help keep tyres on rims better, while a tape and sealant system shaves away critical weight. Build them up with your favourite hub and spokes for a dream wheelset that's easily serviceable at any time. 


  • Custom aluminum alloy
  • Pin Joint
  • Traditional drilling
  • Tubeless Ready (only use UST valve and tape not included)
  • Disc Only

2 Year Warranty on materials and manufacturing faults

We do not cover bearing failure as this is a wear and tear issue. Replacing of standard size bearings is an easy and cheap task, and part of standard maintenance

All Superstar wheels are supplied without rimtape or tubeless parts. We prefer to allow customers to fit their personal choice of tape/valves/sealant to suit their requirements.

All Superstar wheels are custom built to your specifications. For example if you choose BOOST adaptors it will be built on a BOOST hub and it is not possible to change to non-boost once built. As this product is custom built to your specifications we cannot accept returns/refunds/swaps as the build is bespoke to you.

Tech Specs

24 spoke front -2x 24 spoke rear - 2x

i23 TCS - 23mm internal width - Wide-light Gravel rim

Wheelset Weight:

i23 - 29"/700c - Pair 1800g

Note: Weights are generated by weighing a randomly selected wheelset with freehub and adaptors fitted. Due to the manufacturing process components parts vary, so this value is to be taken as guide not a guarantee. Our values are not to be confused with "optimistic" theoretical weights some manufactures claim which are often hundreds of grams understated.

Our wheels are focused on durability and long life, not weight weenie gram chasing. Sure we could easily save 100g a wheelset by putting tiny thin section bearings which don't last in our hubs but that's not upto the quality we require. If you want crazy light and unusable products we cannot help sorry.

The V6 Shimano freehub is compatible with:

  • 11 speed Mountain Bike Shimano Cassettes - Use the 1.8mm cassette spacer provided
  • 8/9/10 speed Mountain Bike Shimano Cassettes - Use the 1.8mm cassette spacer provided
  • 11 speed Road Bike Shimano Cassettes - No spacer
  • 8/9/10 speed Road Bike Shimano Cassettes - Use the 1.8mm cassette spacer provided
The V6 XDR freehub is compatible with:
  • SRAM XDR cassettes - No spacer
  • SRAM XD cassettes - Use the 1.8mm cassette spacer provided