Superstar Trail24 Rim

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Designed in conjunction with a world leading premium rim manufacturer, the new Trail24 rim is our own design exclusive to Superstar Components. Combining our huge experience of building and servicing tens of thousands of wheels used in real world conditions with the metallurgy and manufacturing knowledge of our factory, this rim is going to be a world leader for performance.

Ready to rip every trail, every possible performance feature was built into this rim. Optimised for maximum stability with the latest ultra-wide tires, we expanded the internal width out to 24mm while keeping the rim incredibly light. Asymmetric spoke drilling with 3D directionality means a perfect dish angle for stronger wheel builds. A new proprietary alloy and material property modifying bead blast surface treatment means the new Trail24 is built to last. Featuring LokR Tubeless Technology, it offers unmatched traction, control, and reliability.

  • The perfect balance of strength and weight
  • Extra wide for improved stability with larger tires
  • Low-profile asymmetric design for optimal Spoke angle and wheel build strength.
  • Stiffer and stronger for improved handling
  • Lighter and more durable custom 6069 T-XXX modified alloy
  • Proven tubeless system for easy setup and low maintenance

Rim Weight:

  • g 26"
  • 440g 650B
  • 465g 29"



    Tough light to mid-weight components designed for off-road trail riding.


    Sturdy components suitable for long off-road descents.

Tech Specs

Tubeless ready profile - Just add tubeless tape, valves and sealant of your personal preference. 

24mm Internal width

Asymetric offset 3mm - Minimal spoke length change, normally we would ignore this in spoke calculations


  • 564 - 650b
  • 602 - 29"

Rim Weight:

  • xxxg 26"
  • 440g 650B
  • 465g 29"