Slackerizer Angle Headset - 2 Degree - UK Made

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Fit the Slackerizer to adjust the headtube angle of your frame by +2 or -2 degrees, choose from our range of fitments to customise your unique headset. By accurately 5-axis machining the cups to create an eccentric path for your steerer through your headtube, the Slackerizer can breathe new life into a frame by tuning the geometry to your needs. Fully sealed bearings and custom made NBR seals to keep out dirt and water, offering a long lifespan in the worst conditions. An innovative retained compression ring and split crown race makes assembly easy.

New range of high quality angle adjustment headsets manufactured in the UK by Superstar's in house manufacturing facility in Lincoln. Manufactured to the highest tolerances these headsets are a perfect fit and forget multi-sealed replacement for the cheap and nasty product normally fitted to complete bikes to keep manufacturing costs down.

Complete kits designed for the most popular frame fitment.

  • This headset will only work with 1 1/8" steerer tube forks (except taper specific models).
  • Check you have sufficient clearance inside of your headtube to allow fitment, some headtubes reduce in diameter internally and will not work.
  • We manufacture our headsets to the IS standard set out by Cane Creek. The tolerances are measured in microns, but if your headtube is oversized, ovalised or worn your headset may not function correctly or creak. This is not a fault with the product but a faulty frame.
  • We reccomend careful pressing with a quality headset press. Alignment lines are provided on the cups.
  • Fit with the model name and allignment line pointing forwards at the top and backwards in the bottom cup for slacker head angle assembly. For steeper angle install the other way round.

Spares available  - Topcap Kit, Bearings and Seals


There are 2 parts to the headset the type and the length. T1-4 for example is Type1 (EC44/EC44) and length 4 (120-130mm)

1. Select the Type based on the internal diameter of your headtube and steerer type
2. Select the length of your headtube EXCLUDING ANY CUPS
3. Original cup type is not often possible, as usually ZS type change to EC type to give enough room to tilt the bearings.
4. Thats all!

Length 1 = 90-100mm
Length 2 = 100-110mm
Length 3 = 110-120mm
Length 4 = 120-130mm
Length 5 = 130-140mm

If your on the borderline between 2 sizes it doesnt matter which one you choose!

Handy Information for SHIS headset size identification CLICK HERE

Stack height info in Tech Tab.

Tech Specs

  • Stack measurements include top cover or crown race.
  • Note that some manufacturers list cup only to make them appear shorter than they are.
  • Angle headsets are the mid stack height and will vary by a mm or so depending on angle.
  • Our headsets are highly sealed with custom moulded wiper seal, this adds approximately 2mm over unsealed headsets but we feel this is essential to long service life.


Top Cups:

EC44 - Stack Height 16.5mm – Insertion 10mm
ZS49 - Stack Height 8.5mm – Insertion 10mm

Bottom Cups:

EC44 - Stack Height 13.5mm – Insertion 10mm
ZS49 - Stack Height 6.5mm – Insertion 10mm
EC49 - Stack Height 13.5mm – Insertion 10mm
ZS56 - Stack Height 6.5mm – Insertion 10mm
ZS56 TAPER - Stack Height 6.5mm – Insertion 10mm


We manufacture all our headsets inhouse in our UK CNC machine shop in Lincoln. Heres a little video of the topcovers being machined on our barfed Doosan Lynx Lathe. By using a high tech dual spindle machine we can make finished parts in one hit, and then run the machine 24/7 to get high quality with great prices direct to you the customer.


  • Just Wow!

    Posted on 11 January 2020 by P. Lucian

    5 stars
    My bike had a 70 degree fork angle and with these dropped to 68. I was a little sceptical if it will fit my bike ,but everything went smoothly. Nice quality and looks good.
  • Best Upgrade Ever

    Posted on 9 July 2019 by R. Gil

    5 stars
    Best upgrade you can get if you own an "old" bike and want to improve handling on descents. I went from 67 to 65 degrees HA and I definitely feel the difference. Also changed fork from a 140mm to a 160 so bottom bracket height is about the same. All in all it's a no-brainer.
  • Impressed

    Posted on 2 April 2019 by I. Dyson

    5 stars
    Shop installed as needed bike for a weekend away, no problems but check your steerer length. Quality is really good on first look - bearings, machining etc. Fitted to a Genesis High Latitude with a longer fork and what a difference! So much more playful downhill, you can really push the front end in corners. No down sides on climbs or flat either. Got mine with discount, easily best vfm upgrade
  • Very Good

    Posted on 4 January 2019 by N. Machuqueiro

    5 stars
    pros very nice quality, good bearings and seals cons should have a more angles to chose like -05 and -1º -2 on my bike was too much
  • Excellent Headset

    Posted on 18 April 2018 by W. Aslin

    5 stars
    Super easy to install (I [carefully!] used the rubber mallet technique) and seems to be really well designed with clever seals so the bearings should last well in Welsh slop. Can't really feel the change in head angle but I'm going faster downhill so must be doing something good!