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Gear hangers are an essential spare part to keep in your toolkit incase of damage on the trail. Mech hangers are specifically designed to bend or break first, saving your expensive frame and rear mech by taking the brunt of an impact or jam. We work with the big factories who manufacture millions of these parts for the big name framebuilders, so you can get great quality for a sensible price.

We have a huge range to suit the most common bikes on the market. While we have long lists of possible fitments we unfortunately do not have a database of every bike ever made, and manufacturers often make new models every year, so the best way to identify the correct hanger for your frame is a visual comparison. Please use the search function to help you locate the correct hanger for your frame, Then match your hanger by comparing it with the one pictured. We are adding many more shapes and sizes in future, so if your model of hanger is not available please let us know.

Precision forged 6082 aluminium and heat treated to OEM specification, for perfect fit and function. Keep a spare in your bag, keeping you riding.