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  • Poor Quality, Good Grip!

    Posted on 2 December 2016 about Nano-x Pedals by V. Michálek

    3 stars
    These pedals rock once you are planted... however it's a little difficult to get my foot into proper position due to body shape and too grippy pins, the latter can be fixed by pin density, placement and height though. Quality is not the best. One pedal was missing the seal ring and almost got stuck under all the dirt that entered the bearings. Glad I bought the service kit along with my pedals, s
  • Unbelievable Grip

    Posted on 30 October 2016 about Nano-x Pedals by B. Lingwood

    5 stars
    Using a mix of the short and long pins provided the grip on these easily matches hope f20 & dmr vaults. One pedal started making a horrible creak when spun which was sorted with grease replacement.
  • Good Pedals - Though Some Slight Issues

    Posted on 18 September 2016 about Nano-x Pedals by S. Bryson

    4 stars
    Would be better if they came in a slightly smaller size for those that have smaller feet, over 200kms on the pedals and they started to develop as slight ticking/clicking noise, stripped down and regreased sorted that problem out, also pins seem to work loose, threadlock solved that
  • Wow!

    Posted on 12 September 2016 about Nano-x Pedals by F. Ney

    5 stars
    Coming from CrankBros 50/50s, these things beat my old pedals easily gripwise! You better wear protection, I already had to visit hospital because of a monstrous shincut and I have them for a week now. Razorsharp... Just a tiny tiny bit too large for my feet (EU43) but that's matter of opinion I guess... I like the way it is packaged and that you get spare screws! Also they look very cool and cle
  • Awensome Grip

    Posted on 1 September 2016 about Nano-x Pedals by V. Šmon

    5 stars
    Large platform and very good grip. I use short pins with 5.10 impact shoes and grip is amazing. Here is grip chart for some pedals I also ride from highest to lowest: Nano X>nukeproof neutron>easton fatboy>Shimano saint>old 6pack meance. But when instaling them in cranks you have to use some anti seize grease otherwise there will be clicking noise when pedaling. Hope bearings will la
  • Not For Me

    Posted on 25 August 2016 about Nano-x Pedals by P. Morley

    3 stars
    Nice platform, super shallow, one duff bearing (grease?). I've found I prefer OEM pedals that have serrated platforms and short pins, rather than this long (or extra long) pins.
  • Not For Me

    Posted on 22 August 2016 about Nano-x Pedals by P. Morley

    3 stars
    Liked the large platform and low profile. But the smooth pedals totally rely on long or extra long pins. Swapped back to OEM serrated pedals with short pins after a botched jump led to shin perforation. Also one stiff bush, probably not significant but irritating.
  • Great Pedals

    Posted on 15 August 2016 about Nano-x Pedals by R. Bracewell

    5 stars
    Nice wide platform making you feel very planted, excellent grip from the pins, slim and light weight. They come with short and long pins which you fit yourself. Word of warning - use loctite/threadlock on the pins as if you don't you'll more than likely lose half of them on your first ride (guilty!). I used short pins on my first rude and changed the front row of pins (where your toes are) t
  • Huge, Grippy Platform

    Posted on 22 July 2016 about Nano-x Pedals by M. Roos Holm

    5 stars
    I am very well pleased with these platforms - very stable and grippy base for my riding. They have taken a fair bit of abuse but are still going strong. Easy to service as well. Hightly recommended.
  • Very Pleased

    Posted on 11 June 2016 about Nano-x Pedals by F. Nunes

    5 stars
    First ride today. I ve been riding platforms for more than 10 years. These are great, the size of the pedal is outstanding, it provides a lot of confidence when going fast downhill; and the grip is perfect with the right shoes (510).

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