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  • Steve Air

    Posted on 31 July 2011 about Zephir Stem

    5 stars
    very nice stem :) looks and feels nicely finished. face plate colour (red) is a good colour, not pinky looking! The grippy stuff on the back of the plate rubbed my centre markings almost off my raceface bars though so dont do adjusting too much with the plate 'nipping' the bars. oh, and great quick delivery time :)
  • Iain Vance

    Posted on 21 June 2011 about Zenith Stem - CLEARANCE

    2 stars
    nice enough stem but far to small and puny looking, i got the 65mm version, not really an all mountain type look or design, more XC, i thought it would of been more robust looking tbh, looks daft on my bike, but thats just my circumstances, its nicely made
  • Ian Robinson

    Posted on 2 June 2011 about Laser Stem 25.4 BAR ONLY - CLEARANCE

    5 stars
    Great value stem, i bought one because i needed a smaller stem cheaply and quickly, there such good value (and weight) i'm buying another one in the bigger diameter for my new bars!
  • Paul Rogers

    Posted on 26 May 2011 about Zenith Stem - CLEARANCE

    5 stars
    Awesome!!! Looks amazing, excellent quality and fantastic price!! forget hope.... Superstar is the way forward!!! Cheers guys!!!
  • Chris Wong

    Posted on 24 May 2011 about Zenith Stem - CLEARANCE

    5 stars
    proper quick service !! what top stem would recommend to anyone oh and guys thanks for the free sweets :-) when you gonna have some stickers ? want them for the bike and car guys !!
  • Matthew Larner

    Posted on 21 May 2011 about Zenith Stem - CLEARANCE

    5 stars
    Ordered mine Thursday afternoon, arrived Saturday. I ordered the 80mm, weighs 141g - 3g lighter than advertised. Mine has come with a scuff/chip near the lower clamp - looks like I'm getting the felt tips out!
  • Jack Cooper

    Posted on 10 May 2011 about Zenith Stem - CLEARANCE

    5 stars
    Just to say - ordered 1-o-clock on a friday and they were popped through the door saturday morning - i odered some replacement cleats from crc at the same time and they did not arrive till the wenesday!! - youve got some super effecient postal fairys and the product is light and well finished - high above some other cheap tat sold out there - am building the bike up (custom ellsworth) in a couple
  • Carl Watson

    Posted on 26 April 2011 about Zenith Stem - CLEARANCE

    5 stars
    i ordered a 65mm red stem. it weighed in at 140grams, lower than advertised. finish is great and the bolts are good quality. in use the stem is as stiff as any am stem ive used including eastons havock and racefaces atlas models. awesome value and a great way too add a splash of colour to your front end.
  • Andy (Bristol)

    Posted on 24 January 2011 about Zephir Stem

    5 stars
    Simply an excellent stem for the money. It is no secret that a lot of Superstar items can be bought with other brand names on for a lot more and this is one of the biggest bargains at the normal retail price of ̏45 but we snapped one up for the ̏30 sale price. As usual the quoted weight is bang on and machining and quality is excellent and although very slender is very solid. Be very ca
  • Richard Clarke

    Posted on 5 January 2011 about Zephir Stem

    5 stars
    Bought some new oversized handlerbars for christmas and the old stem did not fit. Needed a good looking, light and cheap stem. Despite the slow post, it was sent out straight away and i got it in time for my end of year ride. FANTASTIC SERVICE! GREAT STEM!

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