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  • James Fleming

    Posted on 11 February 2014 about Lockrings (x2)

    5 stars
    Great Grips and Lock rings, Fantastic fast delivery, Nice Haribo sweets. Superstar Components all good stuff !
  • Daniel Scott

    Posted on 5 February 2014 about Custom Grip Builder

    4 stars
    Finally got a pair of BMX style grips for my trail bike! Great feeling grip, super comfy! Got black grips with Red lockrings and barends to go with. Looks great! Would like the red to be a darker shade though as they appear to be the same red on my Nano pedals which went pink pretty quickly. Only let down of a great product.
  • John Horlock

    Posted on 16 January 2014 about Lock On Grips - Grinder

    5 stars
    These are really comfy. A little bit bigger than normal ODI style grips which is great for those with longer fingers and thinner gloves. Grippy in the mud as well.
  • Steven Dunn

    Posted on 12 January 2014 about Lock On Grips - Grinder

    5 stars
    I have used excel grips before and now trying these out. Initial thoughts are that the overall thickness is about right and the knobblies help with both grip and comfort. I would recommend supagripa users also consider trying them.
  • Steve Jones

    Posted on 4 January 2014 about Lock On Grips - Excel

    5 stars
    After some thick good looking grips...and found them in Superstar Excel. Brilliant!! Can`t believe the ridiculously cheap price for the quality grip you get. Great thickness, super grippy, 3mm lock-on bolts, choice of colours, bag of sweets, stickers, and arrived next day free of charge. Buy some before someone realises they`re undercharging and inreases the price. Genuinely, happy customer
  • Eddy Buckpitt

    Posted on 7 December 2013 about Custom Grip Builder

    5 stars
    Great grips !! Love the wide diameter ! Lockrings work very well and the screws are good quality and big. I wanted some grips with a uniform pattern the whole way round (unlike the supagrippa ones) because I prefer the feel and you can turn them around when they wear. In my opinion they are too wide though (150mm) (I guess it's one of the purposes of the grips though). I couldn't get my brakes
  • Cosmas Barnes

    Posted on 15 November 2013 about Lock On Grips - Size Zero

    3 stars
    valgono quello che paghi,se usate spesso la bici durano 2 mesi
  • Jason Poland

    Posted on 5 November 2013 about Custom Grip Builder

    5 stars
    Received the green/purple combo today having ordered over the weekend. Very pleased with the quality and for the price they are great value. First set of grips from superstar but not the last
  • Matthew Ware

    Posted on 22 October 2013 about Custom Grip Builder

    5 stars
    these grips are amazing got them in no time. Even got a pack of sweets with them :)
  • Kris Haywood

    Posted on 13 October 2013 about Custom Grip Builder

    5 stars
    Ordered on Thursday, arrived Friday, on bike & fully abused on Saturday! Love em. Lairy techno green burns my retinas. Can't fault em at all. Good work superstar.

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