• Final Bit Of Bling

    Posted on 20 May 2020 about Elite Seatclamp by J. Barnett

    5 stars
    Elite seatclamp in gold, the perfect final bit of bling for my Trek Emonda, complementing my Pave 28 wheels with Superstar Components gold skewers (wish you still did those). Simple but wonderful piece of British engineering.
  • Great

    Posted on 19 May 2020 about Nano-x EVO 2.0 Pedals by A. Watson

    5 stars
    Great peddles they will will last, heavier than some , great grip and like the colours
  • Rusty Axles - 4 Months Use :(

    Posted on 14 May 2020 about Nano-x EVO 2.0 Pedals by M. Riley

    2 stars
    Second set of Superstar pedals, bought on offer May19. Same great shape and grip as earlier Nano pedals :) I used them for 4 months from June > September then when I returned to them in December they were terribly stiff. Turns out the axles rusted where they contact the IGUS bushings. Poor sealing/reliability as it will now cost ~£25 for service kit and new axles :( Customer Service d
  • Worth The Money

    Posted on 13 May 2020 about Slackerizer Angle Headset - 2 Degree - UK Made by P. Sulej

    5 stars
    Costs a bit more than a standard quality headset, well sealed which I appreciate, looks a bit chunky, but that's the price of performance in this case, and while we're at it- I didn't believe it would make any real difference till I installed it... The handling feel change is huge! The bike rides much better at high speed (67 vs 65 degree ha) and in steep terrain, much harder to keep straight at v
  • Just Lovely

    Posted on 13 May 2020 about Arc ULTRA Road2 Wheelset - UK Made Hubs by S. Munro

    4 stars
    Very, very nice out of the box. Super smooth bearings, classy looking hubs, laser straight with premium looking rims (I like minimalist and the graphics are ideal). They just feel 'right' and well put together, feel a step up from the many Shimano/Fulcrum/Campag wheels I have had in the past in the £300+ price bracket. The fact I got these half price makes them an absolute steal
  • Tubeless

    Posted on 12 May 2020 about Arc ULTRA Road2 Wheelset - UK Made Hubs by A. Watson

    5 stars
    Bought these wheels to replace the Elite threezoro with the superstar road hubs. They have been a great set wheels and still going strong on my other road bike. I very happy with the new ones like what they have done with the new road 2 hubs and now i i can good tubeless on my road bike. thanks Superstar
  • Not As Good As Older Versions....

    Posted on 11 May 2020 about Nano-x EVO 2.0 Pedals by A. Ist

    2 stars

    This pedals are great price/performance but they are not so durable as previous generations.... They quickly develop play and on top of that pedal body cracks around holes (Superstar won't replace under warranty since they thnik it is crash related.....but it is just bad design in my opinion - I have seen this cracks on more pedals not just on mine). So if you ride regularly and want pedals f

  • Very Tight

    Posted on 4 May 2020 about UK Made Headset - Complete by C. Preston

    4 stars
    quality headset but very tight on my Genesis equilibrium frameset. i used a proper headset press but getting the cups centred and started was very tricky. if i could suggest putting bit more of a chamfer on the leading edge would make installation a bit easier. other than that all good and the split crown race is a great idea.
  • Good Strong Rim!

    Posted on 27 April 2020 about Superstar DHX Pro by C. Wheelhouse

    5 stars
    Took these to fort William and glencoe for a long weekend summer last year (2019) and their still running pretty much true now (spring 2020). Nice and wide, very and not overly heavy.
  • Superb Pedals

    Posted on 26 April 2020 about Nano-x EVO 2.0 Pedals by M. Teejay

    5 stars
    I bought a pair of Nano-X EVOs in July 2018 to upgrade some cheap ones I had on my old Klein Palomino. They are the best mountain bike pedals I've used. Very well made, great grip (on the smaller pins - which I prefer) and the purple finish still looks good. These are great value for money and I prefer them to the Shimano Saints I use on my other MTB.

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