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  • Dan Blackhall

    Posted on 17 October 2012 about Zephir Stem

    5 stars
    Could not recommend this stem enough. Tough, good looking, competitively priced. It has it all. I bought this to replace the stock stem on my Cube Acid. I bought the 70mm version and it is everything I was looking for. I ride mainly Black/Red Trails and fast paced Off road riding and this stem is as solid as they come. As good as stems twice it's price.
  • Peter Lizan

    Posted on 13 October 2012 about Zephir Stem

    3 stars
    I ordered the 90mm white/blue version of this stem. I could have bought a WCS stem for the same money, nevertheless I was very much curious of this product - it just looked too good and this is what I wanted for my CX bike... Design/quality/finish/look: 1 star Promptness and speed of product delivery: 1 star Weight: 1 star Firmness/stiffness: 0 star - this product flexes a lot. As I said, I
  • Martin Robertson

    Posted on 4 October 2012 about Laser Stem 25.4 BAR ONLY - CLEARANCE

    4 stars
    Got this stem to go on my cotic and it looks the biz !! Certainly doesn't look a 13 quid stem.Seems quite light and sturdy.Only going to give it 4/5 as want to see how it holds up out on the trails. Very rapid delivery too. (Much quicker than a certain Irish mail order company!)
  • Danny Shonedannya

    Posted on 22 September 2012 about Zenith Stem - CLEARANCE

    5 stars
    Got a 50mm gold one to replace my original 100mm stem, absolutely fantastic product! Really light, sturdy and much better looking than my ritchey one it replaced.
  • Colin List

    Posted on 22 September 2012 about Zephir Stem

    5 stars
    Having spent a long time buying cheap stems to determine the length i needed, i finally settled on 70mm. The choices were then not very good or rather expensive.I thought for the price i would give these a try. Settling on black with orange face,i was impressed by the look and quality, it is stunning. Oh, it works ok too !!
  • Jack Cole

    Posted on 6 September 2012 about Zenith Stem - CLEARANCE

    5 stars
    very nice looking and light stem, so light i thought they had forgot to inlude it among my order, red is actually red, not pink (for once).. really good value for money!
  • Gunars Treikals

    Posted on 15 July 2012 about Zenith Stem - CLEARANCE

    5 stars
    Stem is really small,but does the job well ))) Holds bars, is light, cheap and you even can choose color you want. What more do You want? ^^
  • David Pennington

    Posted on 13 May 2012 about Zenith Stem - CLEARANCE

    5 stars
    Probably the best stem I've used for the price. Clamps better/more uniformly than my easton ea50 (horrid stem) did and as nice a finish as my old raceface one (great but wrong size for new bars). Got blue 65mm and been riding it for few months. For heavy riding and proper AM I'd go with the razor but for rough XC it's perfect. I would've gone with cheaper lazer TBH if not for needing a short stem
  • George Dempster

    Posted on 29 January 2012 about Zenith Stem - CLEARANCE

    5 stars
    Feels Good, Looks Good! A definet must have at half the price of anything else!
  • Robert Sumner

    Posted on 12 January 2012 about Zephir Stem

    5 stars
    Ordered the 50mm version for my cube AMS to replace the 100mm stock unit and it's a great item. Turned up quick and had the usual sweety goodie pack! This stem is nice and light. Ordered the white option and it looks good! Would definitely recommend!

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