Reviews - April 2010

  • Tony Fredrik Gjessv?g

    Posted on 2 April 2010 about 10mm Rear QR Through Axle

    3 stars
    Great bargain, but the nut is too hard to grip when you need to remove your wheel out in the field without a huge monkey wrench in your camleback. It needs to be either narrower (like the RWS-nut), have "grip-grooves" machined in, or a T-nut design.
  • Paul Fletcher

    Posted on 2 April 2010 about Custom Grip Builder

    5 stars
    Went for the grey grips with gold lock rings & end caps as per the illustration. Ordered these at 10pm Weds & received them by 11am in Fri, so great dispatch & delivery times!! The quality of these grips is second to none & look superbad!!

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