Reviews - August 2019

  • Absolutely Fantastic

    Posted on 25 August 2019 about Raptor Chainring SRAM 3mm OFFSET Direct Mount - Narrow Wide by R. Morris

    5 stars
    I bought this due to needing a chainring with a 3mm boost offset. I've been using it since May and it's never missed a beat. Very quiet with zero chain noise and when I need replace due to Wear there will be another one in my cart. Can't recommend enough
  • Luverly Huberly

    Posted on 24 August 2019 about V6 Boost Rear Hub - UK MADE by b. simpson

    5 stars
    Excuse the title... These are really nicely made hubs. The finish on them is excellent and the coating seems super durable. The sound from the rear hub is a nice tick rather than a buz or a whirr. Not to loud, not too quiet. It sounds as it should, mechanical and precise. Quiet enough not to be irritating and buzzy but loud enough to warn errant walkers of your rapid approad ;) The bearings ar

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