Reviews - August 2017

  • Cheap & Cheerful :-)

    Posted on 29 August 2017 about Olive and Insert Kit by A. Humpheson

    5 stars
    As mentioned in a previous review, they are tricky to push in but I've found that if you gently warm the end of the hose with a hair dryer, the softened hose slides on much easier. Work perfectly for Avid Elixir brakes and Superstar hoses.
  • V High Pad And Rotor Wear

    Posted on 25 August 2017 about 4 Pack Organic Disc Brake Pads by G. Dickenson

    1 stars
    Got a four pack for use in the Alps - burly XC riding with some lift assist rather than constant uplift riding. Only got about four days from each set and they have completely eaten two virtually brand new rotors in 15 days of riding. Previously used Hope stuff and a set of their pads usually just does three weeks and rotors normally last for years!
  • Lite, Strong And Cheap

    Posted on 23 August 2017 about Clearance RED Alexrims ESR475 Asymmetric Rim Wheelset by I. Eiselt

    5 stars
    Great combination of quallity and low price (ordered two sets), just one big issue, rim tape is crap, too narrow and it causes flat tyre. Real shame that Superstar does not use appropriate rim tape for otherwise great product.
  • Crap!

    Posted on 22 August 2017 about Inject Bashguard - CLEARANCE by M. Sabljak

    1 stars
    Too soft. Broke after I crossed the fallen tree. It was not even a impact, more the gentle touch because I stopped right before. I can recommend this bashguard as fashion accessory.
  • Superb!

    Posted on 22 August 2017 about Nano-x Pedals by J. Simma

    5 stars
    These dropped into the mailbox today. After a one hour ride, this is my conclusion (PS I'm joining thethe praise choir). !The pins are easy to install. They come in two lengths (8 & 10mm) together with an allen key. Superstar left 8 spares of each sort. - While they may look big and bulky from the outside, they fit my averagely sized feet perfectly. I'm a 42 (EU) and these are just big eno
  • Taper Specific Model

    Posted on 14 August 2017 about Stretchset Reach Adjustment Headset - UK Made by R. JANNIC

    5 stars
    Fitted this model on my GT Sanction Expert 2016. Easy assembly, very good quality and finishing, high quality bearings... premium headset for a very low price ! 5 stars deserved.
  • One Amazing Pair Of Wheels

    Posted on 4 August 2017 about Zeal Pave28 RaceBuild by R. Amaro

    5 stars
    Now with 800km on them they are completely right. Very smooth, consistent, confortable pair of wheels. Like them better than my 9000 Duraces

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