Reviews - March 2017

  • Lightweight

    Posted on 30 March 2017 about Elite 24 Zeal Wheelset 20/24 by s. king

    5 stars
    Wheels look good in stealth black, very light and quite. Previous wheelset Askiums. First ride on the Ultra, bike was a different animal, it picks up speed very very quick and keeps going, great on the climbs, my friend mavic ksyruim elites 2015 are heavier and cost £300 more wow. don't bother with sad name brand biased reviews these wheel do the job if you have a problem they'll fix it gre
  • Great Product For Great Price

    Posted on 24 March 2017 about I/O Chainring 104BCD - Narrow Wide Style by L. Bucar

    5 stars
    I combined it with ordinary 9speed setup, without front derailleur and not chain tensioner. At first it felt unreal, and I was suspicious it wont go well at first ride. BUT it performed great. Not a single chain fall or hiccup. I havent tried any branded NW ring, but I dont see how it could be any better. Thank you Superstar!
  • Awesome

    Posted on 24 March 2017 about Nano-x Pedals by S. Warren

    5 stars
    I love these flat pedals, large platform, real grippy and only using the small studs, hard wearing and they look real sassy. These are now my only go to pedal
  • More Stock

    Posted on 23 March 2017 about 10mm Rear QR Through Axle by a. keyland

    5 stars
    I have had one of these for 12 months and it is faultless good design and quality. I am wanting to get one for my sons bike but is sold out - will you be getting more in superstar?
  • Awesome Service!!!

    Posted on 23 March 2017 about Custom Wheel Generator - Pair of Wheels by M. Wysocki

    5 stars
    Ordered my custom wheelset on Monday...delivered to my house Wednesday about 12, well what more can you ask?:) Back to the wheels than, exactly as I wanted them to be, red Switch Ultra hubs with red nipples on Mavic XC821 looks very nice, as always proper spoke tension, no scratches ect. Perfect service from Superstars
  • Oem Hub Made By Aivee

    Posted on 21 March 2017 about Fuel Front Hub by b. henrion

    5 stars
    Hi, Just to say if you want to find reviews about those hubs, they are rebranded Aivee MT2, a french brand:
  • Not Good :-(

    Posted on 18 March 2017 about Delta Magnesium EVO Pedals - PINK ONLY by D. Cocker

    1 stars
    most of pins snapped of after 5 times out and can not get replacements, I wont buy from Superstar again
  • Really Impressed

    Posted on 17 March 2017 about Elite 38 Ultra 11Speed Wheelset 20/24 by M. Richmond

    5 stars
    These replaced some OEM Eastons which were really not fit to be ridden on with hindsight. They came in at 1660g the pair with the front being dead true and the rear being just slightly out but well away from any brake interference. I've put 300 miles on them in the last two weeks over Yorkshire country roads and they have performed faultlessly, the rear is now dead true also, no idea how that happ
  • Review Title

    Posted on 11 March 2017 about Direct Mount Front Derailleur Cover - UK Made by K. Panter

    4 stars
    Fast delivery and nice little touch, unfortunately slightly too small for my trek bike.
  • Alpine 24 Wheels

    Posted on 9 March 2017 about Electro Alpine Trail Wheelset by N. Stevenson

    4 stars
    Ordered and delivered quickly, easy to set up tubeless with Stans tape and Maxxis High Roller tyres. measured weight of 650b same as advertised weight of 29", but still over 200g lighter per wheel than my old wheels. Spoke tensioning not that good though. Not so keen on the offset valve hole though as it leaves a small gap. But overall very pleased.

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