Reviews - December 2017

  • Its A Tamper

    Posted on 31 December 2017 about Coffee Tamper Headset Style by a. BEVAN

    5 stars
    I recently bought one of these tampers which is very nicely machined but it seemed a bit light compared to my old tamper. Anyway I used it it fits my portafilter really well with a fraction of a mm to spare it taps the grounds perfectly and the shots are not as hit or miss when using the old Tamper which I have now retired. Bottom line works a treat another great purchase from SSC
  • Too Thin

    Posted on 14 December 2017 about XPR50 50T Expander Ring by A. Crocker

    2 stars
    This expander rings flexes way too much under strain while climbing. The aluminum should be thicker up to the point just below where the chain sits on the ring.
  • Great

    Posted on 9 December 2017 about Electro Alpine Trail Wheelset - COLOUR EDITION by T. Lewis

    5 stars
    Great set of wheels, excellent value for money. No problem setting up tubeless. Light enough for the width. Interesting whirr from the freehub, I rather like it. You can't remove the decals but they look good anyway. Highly recommended
  • Great Value Cross Tubs

    Posted on 7 December 2017 about Pave Tubular Ultra 11Speed Wheelset 20/24 by J. Clark

    5 stars
    I bought this wheelset for Cyclocross this season (as I am a Luddite still using canti brakes) and fitted FMB tubs to them. So far I have used them for 4 races and they have been great. Superlight but strong, much better than my other tubular wheelsets so I might buy another pair for next season.
  • Terrible

    Posted on 5 December 2017 about Electro 102 Rear Hub by A. Johansson

    1 stars

    After only a few months use in dry weather the hub body seized to the axle. No warranty given either.

    Superstar Comment:

    Hello the amount of rusty water inside the freehub says otherwise. As we advised it just needed basic maintinence to replace the bearings as they were full of water (almost certainly from jetwasing).

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