Reviews - October 2017

  • Excellent Value Wheels

    Posted on 19 October 2017 about Stans MK3 Electro Premium Build by D. Allen

    4 stars

    Just received a set of these with 27.5 Crest rims. First impressions are good. Both wheels straight & true with tight spokes, however a couple of spoke blades were twisted 90 degrees on the rear. This was easily rectified but a quick QC check by Superstar should have picked this up. On the scales, front weighs an impressive 660g. Rear 840g which is a tad heavy for such a build spec. The ext

  • Good Rims

    Posted on 10 October 2017 about Electro XX27 Wheelset by G. Buckingham

    2 stars

    These rims are sturdy and a decent width but do NOT get them with Electro hubs if you have anything over a 9 speed cassette as the hubs fall apart, they are not fit for 10 or 11 speed XT8000 cassettes, they can't take the weight and WILL fall off & you'll loose the pawls & springs from inside.


    Superstar comment:

    Hello the electro hub is designed exactly th

  • Not Fit For Purpose

    Posted on 10 October 2017 about Electro 102 Rear Hub by G. Buckingham

    1 stars

    BE WARNED these hubs are not fit for 11 speed Shimano XT8000 Cassettes, they can't take the weight & cassette WILL fall off taking hub centre with it & you'll loose the insides & you will NOT be able to claim off the warranty. I've had to give 1 star but I would give ZERO


    Superstar comment:

    Hello the electro hub is designed exactly the same as Stans or

  • Alpine 30 Colour Ed Orange

    Posted on 4 October 2017 about Electro Alpine Trail Wheelset - COLOUR EDITION by R. James

    5 stars
    Excellent wheelset, very impressed with the quality. Instant pick up from the free hub (plus it sounds like an angry wasp is chasing you!). Set up tubeless first time with schwalbe tyres, 2.35 Magic Mary and Hans Dampf look huge on the 30mm wide rim (it is 35mm external). Lots more grip on offer! Wheels arrived with even tension and run true, well packaged. Rim decals can't be removed if you we

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