Reviews - August 2016

  • Excellent

    Posted on 31 August 2016 about Tech 4 Tubeless Ready WheelsetDS25 by M. Wilson

    5 stars
    What can I say about these wheels, after looking at wheelsets for weeks and pricing up wheels three times the price of these I thought I would take a punt on these as money was tight at the time, and in all honesty these wheels are the best if not better than what I have ridden in the past. I live in the Lake District and these have been hammered on super rocky trails and are still running perfect
  • Orange Greatness

    Posted on 31 August 2016 about Alpine EVO Rotor - Arctic Cooling Fins by R. Walter

    5 stars
    Second set of these I have bought. Colour Matched with all the other Orange Superstar bits I have on this bike. This set are with Shimano Brakes and the other set with Avids. Both work really well. Superb service too. ordered on Bank Holiday Bombay. Delivered on the Wednesday! Awesome.
  • Fits 40S

    Posted on 30 August 2016 about Zero Fifty Direct Mount Stem - CLEARANCE by I. Jones

    5 stars
    bought this for my fox 40s, quality is spot on and the blue matches the adjusters on the fork
  • Rim Weight

    Posted on 27 August 2016 about Superstar T-READY TR21 by A. Honkala

    5 stars
    Exactly 500g each as told.
  • Not For Me

    Posted on 25 August 2016 about Nano-x Pedals by P. Morley

    3 stars
    Nice platform, super shallow, one duff bearing (grease?). I've found I prefer OEM pedals that have serrated platforms and short pins, rather than this long (or extra long) pins.
  • Outstanding!

    Posted on 25 August 2016 about Clearance Alexrims R475 Wheelset by W. Portlock

    5 stars
    Purchased this wheelset recently and I'm really pleased I did. Great lightweight and stiff combo which surpass my original set of PR2's that Giant supplied. The delivery and communication from SC was brilliant and I had them within 36 hours of confirmation. Only had a couple of test rides so far but the amazing weight saving is making hills enjoyable...almost!
  • Quiet Till Really Hot

    Posted on 24 August 2016 about Arctic Sintered Disc Pad Kit by C. Aslin

    4 stars
    So tried these pads in the alps and they never faded but when they got really hot they would squeal, not the worst I've heard and certainly not surprising. Would buy again
  • Not For Me

    Posted on 22 August 2016 about Nano-x Pedals by P. Morley

    3 stars
    Liked the large platform and low profile. But the smooth pedals totally rely on long or extra long pins. Swapped back to OEM serrated pedals with short pins after a botched jump led to shin perforation. Also one stiff bush, probably not significant but irritating.
  • Spot On

    Posted on 15 August 2016 about El Plastique Pedals by R. Bracewell

    5 stars
    Given their cost and performance these are superb value. The pedal body is a fairly heavy duty plastic and feels firm under foot. The pins are held in via nuts which, mating neatly with the pedal body, offer excellent grip. I have a set of these and the nano-x's and grip wise they are very similar. Used primarily on a MTB trails, i've had no problems with them.
  • Stans Ex Arch 29

    Posted on 15 August 2016 about Stans Switch Ultra CLEARANCE Wheelset by r. collins

    1 stars
    Bought these stans rims as I thought they would be good for xc around my usual trails. Buckled after first ride on rear , can see me changing them soon ,crap

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