Reviews - April 2016

  • Very Good Pedals

    Posted on 14 April 2016 about Nano-x Pedals by e. downes

    5 stars
    Very grippy, wide and easy to rebuild. I think these arr better than the nano thru pins I have on my other bike and better than any other pedal I've ridden
  • Way To Noisy

    Posted on 12 April 2016 about Arctic Sintered Disc Pad Kit by I. Tönnessen

    2 stars

    I tried everything i could think off, even wrote to SSC support. But these pads kept squealing like a pig. However, customer service was great and gave me a refund. +1 star for that.

    Superstar Comment: Hello noisy pads are normally due to worn out rotors, alignment issues, contamination or a lack of bedding in. Im sure the customer service team would have passed on that standard informa

  • They Work

    Posted on 1 April 2016 about Arctic Kevlar Disc Pad Kit by S. Turner

    5 stars
    brought my first set of kevlar at christmas on offer for £15 and used them for the frozen devil in january and two runs at Bike Park Wales good stopping power and feel and didn't over heat.They didn't last long in the rear but conditions and riding where fairly extreme . I've just brought the sinister ones but not tried them yet
  • Awsome Same As Being Clipped In

    Posted on 1 April 2016 about Nano-x Pedals by S. Turner

    5 stars
    run these pedals on full rigid and feet stick like glue

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