Reviews - December 2015

  • Hope Axle Upgrade

    Posted on 30 December 2015 about Hope F20 Titanium Axles by G. Mitchell

    5 stars
    Got my axles today and boy are they Good!i got the ceramic coated ones and fitted them in minutes,they have made good pedals great.Be warned though you need the hope pedal tool or you will never get the 5mm nut undone!
  • Good Good Good

    Posted on 27 December 2015 about El Plastique Pedals by A. Scott

    5 stars
    Thay are well grippy happy with my purchase well done superstar
  • Great.

    Posted on 24 December 2015 about Direct Mount Front Derailleur Cover - UK Made by R. Pattinson

    5 stars
    Great product looks even better in person, really fast shipping + free stickers.
  • Inline Seatpost

    Posted on 15 December 2015 about Inline Simple Seatpost - CLEARANCE 34.9 ONLY by D. Houghton

    5 stars
    Super quick delivery Ordered the orange. Can't grumble over the price..fantastic product for the money. .
  • Brake Hose

    Posted on 15 December 2015 about 5 Layer Braided Hose (3m length) by D. Houghton

    5 stars
    Took advantage of the santa code , so got for half price. 3 metres of braided silver for a tenner..happy days they feel yet..don't know as on a upgrade overhaul. .lightning dispatch
  • Mount

    Posted on 15 December 2015 about Direct Mount Front Derailleur Cover - UK Made by D. Houghton

    5 stars
    Purchased the green for the direct mount hole left by the front mech after changing to single chainring. . A nice subtle touch .. Zero weight and speedy delivery. .worth buying 5.99 delivered. .it's a no brainer..
  • Worth The Upgrade Over Standard Qr Axles

    Posted on 7 December 2015 about Ultralight Alloy 9mm Front QR Through Axle by s. Wadsworth

    5 stars
    forgotten to put a review up on this, was using standard quick release axles before and didn't see the difference but you can tell once upgrading the axle to one of these how much less flex there is in my wheel plus I did pair the axle up with a nice hope hub but any that will take the 9mm axle will work fine. nice and solid lever action too.

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