Reviews - November 2015

  • All Go, No Show

    Posted on 30 November 2015 about Highline 780 Bar - CLEARANCE - PURPLE ONLY by I. Jokinen

    5 stars
    Nice finish, very good quality and plenty of leverage that was needed. I use this in my 29+ and it made the bike behave like an BMX on steroids. 40mm rise was spot on. This handlebar is not just for show, it´s for riding like there's no tomorrow P.S. Just remember to aim very well around those tight spots between trees.
  • Strange Design

    Posted on 29 November 2015 about Alpine EVO Rotor - Arctic Cooling Fins by t. rechberger

    3 stars

    The holes look far too big in order to have smooth braking. Pads will have too much vibration which results in wobbly braking. Industry standard is more like 1.7-1.8 not 2mm, but more material is even better. From design perspective i liked the older ones much more. Rotors have only 5 rivet. I dont see how this is improvement over Alpine Rotors. The "ice-tech" thing is overrated.

  • The Dogs

    Posted on 29 November 2015 about Pave 28 Ultra 11Speed Wheelset 20/24 by E. Humphreys

    5 stars
    Done about 1500kms on these wheels so far. I'm very fussy about wheels as I like to ride hard and get the power down and weigh 92kgs, so these have had a battering already. Super, super smooth and not a mm out of true so far. Very impressed and would highly recommend these to anybody.
  • Carbon Bar Not Breaking The Bank

    Posted on 28 November 2015 about Lithium Carbon bar by g. gallagher

    5 stars
    best purchase made, friends have the renthal carbon bar, this is every bit as good or even better, used in spanish mountains and whistler this year and makes a better ride
  • 650B Plus

    Posted on 28 November 2015 about Tech 4 Tubeless Ready WheelsetDS25 by d. darwent

    5 stars
    Just come back from a very windy and wet ride round Llandegla trail park using the DS25's with WTB 2.8 Trailblazers on my On One Scandal 29er. Using 20psi or below they fit the frame perfectly. What a brilliant set of wheels nice and quiet freehub so you can hear what your tires are doing!! The rims are wide enough to support the larger tires even at lower pressures. I had about 18psi front and ba
  • Enduro? Good Joke.

    Posted on 26 November 2015 about Ryde Trace Enduro Rim by S. Mt

    2 stars

    This rim is wide but is so weak. It looks nice but that is all. I don't recommend it because i destroyed this rim so quickly. I don't recommend it for AM style of ride. I have used 650b and conti trail king 2.4protection+apex.

     Superstar Comment: Hello im sorry you were disapointed with your product. Ive looked at your history file and the comments say the rim failed due to impacts

  • Super-Easy Tubeless Install

    Posted on 25 November 2015 about Ryde Tesla Probuild Wheelset by Jason Edmunds

    5 stars
    I've used many tubeless wheels from Shimano, Bontrager and Mavic's excellent Crossmax, plus many UST and Tubeless-Compatible tyres. My Ryde Trail rims have been the easiest tyre-fitting by a long way, using new Conti Trail King 2.2 USTs. One loop of TESA tubeless tape, pop the valve in (without the valve core), then fit the tyre. It was quite tight but one tyre lever sorted it. With the tyre-bea
  • Excellent Bar

    Posted on 25 November 2015 about Zenith Stem - CLEARANCE by G. Bence

    5 stars
    I am amazed at the finish of the blue bar - its amazing and I will be buying from you again.
  • Shiny And Wide!

    Posted on 22 November 2015 about Highline 780 Bar - CLEARANCE - PURPLE ONLY by Gavin

    5 stars
    I decided that I needed a bar with a little more width and rise than the 711 wide, 20mm risers that I have been running for a couple of years. I have been very impressed with the difference that these changes have made. The extra width noticeably helps stability on bumpy downhills, and the extra rise has given me a nicer, less aggressive front end which suits my riding ability better than the old
  • This Tool Is Awesome

    Posted on 22 November 2015 about Bearing Removal/Fitting Tool - CLEARANCE by Anon

    5 stars
    One of the best tool purchases I've ever made. Had never changed bearings myself, this makes it so easy. The cost of two sizes was less than the labour the shop would charge me (only by a couple of quid to be fair) to only change 4 of my eight bearings. Absolutely love it!

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