Reviews - March 2014

  • Mark Steel

    Posted on 31 March 2014 about Lock On Grips - Excel

    5 stars
    found some grips for my giant hands. really impressed by these
  • Martin Wright

    Posted on 20 March 2014 about Custom Grip Builder

    5 stars
    Went for these XL's after seeing my mates normal superstar grips. Wanted to try my first lockon's after getting carbon bars too. The XL fits my hand size nicely, and the colour options meant i could colour miss-match to my hearts content!!
  • Sven Vucic

    Posted on 20 March 2014 about 4 Pack Kevlar Disc Brake Pads

    5 stars
    Brake setup: Shimano Zee brakes Avid HS1 200/180mm rotors (F/R) originally came with Shimano Resin without radiators In short, they were just as good as the original Shimano Resins. Strong bite and great modulation on both pads (Superstar Kevlar and Shimano Resin), silent in most conditions (see below). Rode them in winter, mud and now in dry hot weather. Excellent performance in all condit
  • Simon Sestanj

    Posted on 15 March 2014 about Custom Grip Builder

    2 stars
    The Grip is like plastic. For my need to smal diameter for a good grip. ODI rogue are lightyears better.
  • Keith Neal

    Posted on 14 March 2014 about Type 2 - Headset Bearings 1.5" or Tapered 45x45 Degree x1

    5 stars
    fitted my lower headset bearing on my cayon nerve AM7 2012 , had trouble finding replacment this slots straight in and its cheap
  • Phil Jake Ed Morton

    Posted on 12 March 2014 about Type 4 - Headset Bearings 1.5" or Tapered 36x45 Degree x1

    5 stars
    Ordered Tuesday delivered Wednesday - free! superb service again. This bearing will need renewing annually if you ride a lot, no amount of lubing, regreasing and maintenance will stop all the dirt, water and crap getting into this bearing. It is direct line of fire. This bearing is a direct replacement for the bottom FSA bearing I had in my Trek 9.7 2011 (carbon frame) with Fox 32 Talas tapered
  • Peter Templeman

    Posted on 6 March 2014 about Zenith Stem - CLEARANCE

    5 stars
    Cheap, light, holds bars securely and colour matches my bike. Why pay more.
  • Tim Bates

    Posted on 5 March 2014 about Custom Wheel Generator - Pair of Wheels

    5 stars
    AM carbon rims on Tesla evo hubs laced with CX spokes. Wow!! Just fitted in place of lighter alloy wheel set on same hubs. They are 70g grams heavier but feel lighter and run even faster. Should have bought these a year ago. Can't believe the improvement in ride quality in all areas, hub pick up is brilliant. Don't waste your money on Hope hoops get tesla switch your choice of rim. After a visit t
  • Charlie Jones

    Posted on 4 March 2014 about 4 Pack Kevlar Disc Brake Pads

    3 stars
    Good in summer but appalling in winter. DO NOT BUY IF RIDING IN WET/MUDDY CONDITIONS as they wore out in less that one ride when it was muddy. However I would rate in the summer as they last for a decent time in dry conditions.

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