Reviews - March 2014

  • Mark Steel

    Posted on 31 March 2014 about Lock On Grips - Excel

    5 stars
    found some grips for my giant hands. really impressed by these
  • Paul Coxon

    Posted on 30 March 2014 about Tubeless Tape

    5 stars
    Brilliant . Does exactly what t says on the tin. Used it to convert my superstar dh 595 rims to tubeless and it pumped up first time with just a track pump .
  • Tim Atkinson

    Posted on 28 March 2014 about Superstar Tactic AM Rim

    5 stars
    Bought these as a full wheelset with Switch EVO hubs and very pleased. For just over ̏200 for the set - what a bargain! Lightweight, stiff and really well made, subtle grey graphics and wheels look nicely understated in all black. 2.4 High Roller II tyres were very tight to fit with inner tubes but have since converted to tubeless (using Superstar's tape and valves plus Stan's sealant) which was s
  • Bartlomiej Kurek

    Posted on 28 March 2014 about Lock On Grips - SuperGrippa

    5 stars
    grips are perfect and bargain highly recomended!!!!!
  • Stacy Rose

    Posted on 28 March 2014 about Uno Headset

    5 stars
    brilliant ordered this for a 2010 orange crush frame ordered on a thursday and added a note asking if there was any chance for it to arrive by the weekend imagine my surprise when it turned up the very next day, top job guys headset is perfect so smooth only trouble is my mrs found the haribo sweets and beat me to them... she should be out of A&E by monday :)
  • Daniel Noble

    Posted on 20 March 2014 about Tech 3 XC Wheelset

    5 stars
    outstanding at double the price,very fast delivery,excellent quality and so light i thought there was only one wheel in the box !!! only downside for me was that the rims are drilled for presta(which are the work of the devil) apart from that ,i couldnt be happier
  • Martin Wright

    Posted on 20 March 2014 about Custom Grip Builder

    5 stars
    Went for these XL's after seeing my mates normal superstar grips. Wanted to try my first lockon's after getting carbon bars too. The XL fits my hand size nicely, and the colour options meant i could colour miss-match to my hearts content!!
  • Sven Vucic

    Posted on 20 March 2014 about 4 Pack Kevlar Disc Brake Pads

    5 stars
    Brake setup: Shimano Zee brakes Avid HS1 200/180mm rotors (F/R) originally came with Shimano Resin without radiators In short, they were just as good as the original Shimano Resins. Strong bite and great modulation on both pads (Superstar Kevlar and Shimano Resin), silent in most conditions (see below). Rode them in winter, mud and now in dry hot weather. Excellent performance in all condit
  • Duncan Campbell

    Posted on 15 March 2014 about Pocket Ratchet Toolset

    5 stars
    So simple yet effective, if you've used a traditional multi tool out on the trail you'll appreciate just how much easier this is. With the individual bits you can also tailor it with your owns bits that match what you need on your bike if it uses peculiar sizes. It's also just as light as a traditional multi tool and not much bigger.
  • Simon Sestanj

    Posted on 15 March 2014 about Custom Grip Builder

    2 stars
    The Grip is like plastic. For my need to smal diameter for a good grip. ODI rogue are lightyears better.

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