Reviews - June 2012

  • Matthew Sinclair

    Posted on 30 June 2012 about Double Chain Device - CLEARANCE - ISCG ONLY

    4 stars
    fitted on kona coiler 2007 bb mount with dual ring and bashguard, no problems with spacing and everything works well. took 10mins to fit and no problems so far. cannot comment on long term use as only recently bought so only 4 stars for now.
  • Hendrik Hisge

    Posted on 26 June 2012 about Superfly QR Seatclamp - CLEARANCE

    5 stars
    realy light and works perfectly! -I would buy this again!
  • Luka Chadwick

    Posted on 25 June 2012 about Inline Simple Seatpost - 34.9mm White - CLEARANCE

    5 stars
    once again, i have recieved this product the day after ordering! the seatpost itself looks great and is very easy to fit and well designed for a simple fit. compared with the other prices of seatposts elsewhere, its very cheap. a tiny bit on the stiff tho, but with some bike lube it now works well! :). PS cheers for the harribos, Superstar!!
  • James Simmonds

    Posted on 23 June 2012 about Carbon Headset Spacer Set

    5 stars
    Smart bit of carbon, nice and light and looks bling-tastic!
  • Simon Marshall

    Posted on 22 June 2012 about Sintered Disc Brake Pads

    3 stars
    Thanks for speedy delivery. Going to fit when rain stops so proper review soon. Haribos and stickers ! Nice1.
  • Adrian Everest

    Posted on 21 June 2012 about Lockrings (x2)

    5 stars
    Not a bad value Bar end/grip lock in comparison to the likes of ODI and does a great job with my RaceFace grips.
  • Mark Foley

    Posted on 18 June 2012 about Double Chain Device - CLEARANCE - ISCG ONLY

    3 stars
    Guys some on ..Your stuff is always awesome BUT....for the bolts for this device not to fit fluch or below the countersink is ridiculous..What's the point in a counter sink on the device if the bolts don't countersink...had to get mine machined down. What a pain in the a**e. First time i've been let down by superstar ...Gutted
  • Kenny Leatherland

    Posted on 18 June 2012 about Inline Simple Seatpost - 34.9mm White - CLEARANCE

    5 stars
    10/10 great seatpost looks the dogs danglers on my bike
  • Jamie Penny

    Posted on 17 June 2012 about Plasma Chain Device - ISCG Only

    5 stars
    Had this for a year now, so i figure i should write a review. I am running this on a 68bb with the mounting plate on a TruVativ howitzer bb, it is an an iscg-old. I am running a SRAM X-9 short cage, 9spd. First things first, installing it was a b*tch. It really was. I ended up doing some pretty nifty bb spacer combos (from two bbs) and filing the top guide to get it to fit properly. After that tho
  • Matthew Dicks

    Posted on 16 June 2012 about Sintered Disc Brake Pads

    5 stars
    Work great, fast delivery, and free haribos. What more could you ask for?

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