Reviews - February 2012

  • Mark Whitehead

    Posted on 29 February 2012 about XCR BB Mount Chainguide

    4 stars
    Solidly-built; BB spacers give good adjustability for chain-line; guide can be loosened to slide up and down to suit ring size. Bit of a faff to set up, but then all BB-mounted guides are. I've used this 38T and 32T single-ring setup and on balance it works brilliantly, and at this price it's a bargain. 2 things to note though: 1) It looks like it's designed for DH single-ring, so using a th
  • David Thornton

    Posted on 29 February 2012 about Plasma Chain Device

    5 stars
    Chain device looks really nice, i ordered the bash ring type and i couldnt get the thing to work at all even when i had a local bike mechanic check it over and it still wouldnt hold the chain. So i had to buy the non bash guard type guides and it now works faultlessly.
  • Jack Jones

    Posted on 28 February 2012 about Disc Rotor Bolts x12 - Coloured

    5 stars
    really chuffed with superstar! ordered them yesterday an they came today, thanks for the haribo too! :) 5*
  • David Bell

    Posted on 28 February 2012 about Custom Grip Builder

    5 stars
    Got a pair of these as a gift. Dead easy to fit. Haven't budged an inch!! Brilliant. Done nearly 600kms so far and they are starting to wear but still going. Best grips I have had without a doubt.
  • Adam Mitchell

    Posted on 25 February 2012 about CNC Nano Tech Flats

    5 stars
    UPDATE___well nearly 11 months since i got my Nano Techs... These pedals are simply far i haven't done a thing to them...and they are still smooth and tight.. and they are re-buildable, should that time come. The anodizing has held up well..course there are scratches..but you gotta expect that on a DH bike.. Anyway, you can't go wrong buying these pedals...Great product at an
  • Adam Laurence

    Posted on 23 February 2012 about Masterlink Plier Set - Open and Lock

    5 stars
    I'm a wimp and can't open or close quick links with ease. These pliers work perfectly and make removing a chain much easier and less messy. I keep them in my pack now just in case!!
  • Paul Lloyd

    Posted on 23 February 2012 about Custom Grip Builder

    1 stars
    grips not very good in any way at all after about 3 weeks the rubber started to fall off lol joke .after 2 months the rubber had gone to the metal shame look good thats about it
  • Chris Gigg

    Posted on 21 February 2012 about Descent 780 Bar - CLEARANCE- ONLY GOLD LEFT

    5 stars
    Put this bar on my DH rig. Rides really nice, and certainly looks the part. nice angles on it. pretty much like a nukeproof bar.
  • Matthew Gilbert

    Posted on 21 February 2012 about Angletech GXP Bottom Bracket

    1 stars
    I have been through 2 sets of bearing in a few months for this now. They seize the moment they get wet so no good over winter in the UK
  • Chris Gigg

    Posted on 21 February 2012 about Plasma Chain Device

    5 stars
    Got one of these for my DH rig. piece of cake to set up, even using the supplied BB mount adaptor (which is usually a pain). Yeah, it's a bit noisy. But it's on a DH rig and it keeps the chain locked in. And looks P.I.M.P! so who cares. Awsome chainguide for 50 quid!!!

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