Reviews - September 2011

  • Will Slater

    Posted on 30 September 2011 about Jewel QR Seatclamp - CLEARANCE 31.8 ONLY

    3 stars
    Great until I managed to snap the allen bolt mid ride and had to ride home stood up. In fairness though this probably wasn't the clamp's fault, I've been having post slippage problems for a while now.
  • Gordon Inch

    Posted on 29 September 2011 about 5 Layer Braided Hose (3m length)

    4 stars
    Ordered a 5 layer kit in gay-ass red on Monday morning, it was delivered to Glasgow less than 24 hrs later. Fitting took less than an hour for both, and that includes bleeding my Avid Elixirs. The hose itself looks and feels every bit a match for the Goodridge lines on my other bike. The only criticism I have is that a lack of comprehensive fitting instructions could be an issue for someone who ha
  • Gavin Mosely

    Posted on 26 September 2011 about Balance Seatclamp

    5 stars
    I bought a red one of these to replace the standard black QR on my Cube Reaction. As long as you can live with it not being QR, this is a very light and good looking alternative. It's very nicely finished and machined and looks neat and slick on the bike. Yet again another nice piece of kit from Superstar. Check out the nano pedals, they are gorgeous.
  • Steven Dunn

    Posted on 24 September 2011 about Disc Rotor - Vibe Design

    5 stars
    I bought 180(f) and 160 (r). My bike has quite deep pads so I purchased the vibe design and it is a perfect fit. This rotor has transformed my brakes.
  • Jan H?hna

    Posted on 24 September 2011 about Zephir Stem

    3 stars
    Bit too much material cut away in the shaft clamp area, if you ask me. When torqued to just 4Nm, the bolts bend (plastic deformation), even though they are pretty short. Not a good sign. I don't really trust that stem now for real AM usage. But could hold up fine. Who knows. And neat looking, that's true.
  • Gary Lodge

    Posted on 21 September 2011 about Disc Rotor - Vibe Design

    5 stars
    Bought 180mm to upgrade from 160mm rotors to use with Formula RX calipers. Stopping power definitely improved, no issues with new disc other than thicker than original parts, so took some fiddling to get rid of rotor drag and had to bleed caliper a little. Overall great value product and if you can tell the difference between this and one at 3 times the price you're a better man (lady) than me!
  • Luke Young

    Posted on 16 September 2011 about Chainwhip (Pro Quality)

    5 stars
    at first i thought the chain looked a bit flimsy but it does the job! the grip is great and did what i needed to do in seconds, well worth 8 quid of anyones money, well impressed superstar!
  • Paul Starbrook

    Posted on 12 September 2011 about Organic Disc Brake Pads

    5 stars
    Needed some new rear pads so tried these (the T1 organic type) out - I though my front ones were OK until I used these! Have ordered another set to swap out the front ones too! Great value and good stopping power.
  • Paul Clifford

    Posted on 12 September 2011 about Custom Wheel Generator - Single Wheel Rear

    5 stars
    I could have gone cheaper or lighter but the following came in at ̏145 and 976g inc rim. Superstar XC-430 White rim, Black Double Butted SAPIM Race Spokes, Superleggera Rear Hub - Black, and Red Alloy SAPIM Nipples. No problems at all with quality or build 1000 miles later. Buy from SuperStar, why pay more.
  • Andrew Mitchell

    Posted on 6 September 2011 about Disc Brake Adaptor

    5 stars
    I purchased the 203mm pm-pm and it does what it says on the tin. Great succes.

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