Reviews - September 2010

  • Mark Aldron

    Posted on 28 September 2010 about 9mm Front QR Through Axle

    4 stars
    This is a great product, has stiffened up my front end without having to buy new hubs or fork lowers. I converted my front hub by drilling out the 9 mm axle stubs (this can be done on some hubs, my hub is a Commen?al sealed, which I think is a rebadged formula). Great news ? no more loosening of the front wheel. I?m looking into a rear wheel 10 mm conversion next.
  • Ben Tilford

    Posted on 20 September 2010 about Double Chain Device - CLEARANCE - ISCG ONLY

    5 stars
    excellent value for money, still going strong! it was super easy to fit using BB mount...
  • Richie Barnes

    Posted on 20 September 2010 about Disc Rotor - Vibe Design

    5 stars
    Firstly, really fast delivery for international !! Great service and fast response on paypal problem and an amazing disc for the money !! I would normally expect 20 - 30 pounds for the branded one but it is the same thing !!! Quality is solid and probably the truest disc i have used yet, even after the heat build up and any distortion that i normally find, it was still true ! Highly recommen
  • Belinda Johnston

    Posted on 18 September 2010 about Balance Seatclamp - 31.8mm - CLEARANCE

    5 stars
    Good looking, practical seatclamp. AT first stupidly ordered wrong size, so i sent it back and they exchanged it for the smaller size and sent it back to me. Overall good product, good price and fantastic superstar customer service, thanks superstar!!
  • Austin Campbell

    Posted on 16 September 2010 about 4 Pack Organic Disc Brake Pads

    4 stars
    Really quick delivery. Still on the first set - my front end Shimano M575's were rubbish after a couple of weeks on a new bike. Got some of these and after a swap and a good bleed by a man who knows, I'm stopping again! Regular use - 20 miles a day on weekdays and although it's not too demanding, I'm on the brakes a lot. They've got better over time and shown no sign of giving up yet. Great stuff
  • Stuart Burton

    Posted on 10 September 2010 about SuperGrippa Replacement Grip Cartridges

    5 stars
    I was getting sick of throwing out grips when the rubber was worn but the lock rings were perfect. These replacement grip cartridges are perfect they dont last long but for the price who cares they are comfy and good and grippy when its wet.
  • Philip Kerr

    Posted on 8 September 2010 about Disc Brake Adaptor

    5 stars
    fitted perfectly and i got a free packet of haribo's :D
  • Joe Krasinski

    Posted on 2 September 2010 about 4 Pack Sintered Disc Brake Pads

    5 stars
    Had these for ages now on my Specilaized Epic and Juicy 5s. FOund them ot be better perfomance than original Avid pads and have lasted ages in the muddy rides of Yorkshire. Good work!

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