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  • High Performance Trail Wheels

    Posted on 31 October 2018 about Ryde Rim Clearance - Electro 102-POE Build by S. Jerman

    4 stars
    Quality build, nice-look, extra performant price while clearance last. Only one claim I have: I barely succeeded to mount on tyres.... Probably because rims are tubeless ready and they are very tile. It was realy painful. After greasing the job was little easier.
  • Incredible Trail Wheels

    Posted on 26 October 2018 about Ryde Rim Clearance - Electro 102-POE Build by M. Balderstone

    5 stars
    Great build quality, high spec and low weight. I adore these wheels, they have transformed my bike into a fast flowy, trail eating monster. I wish I'd replaced the stock wheels with these superstars immediately instead of waiting for them to break.
  • Bombproof Wheels

    Posted on 12 July 2018 about TANK Clearance DHX Pro 150mm Wheelset by J. Grant

    5 stars
    These wheels were bought for my son mainly for downhill use and they don't disappoint. They may not be the lightest on the market but they are very well made.The hubs run really smoothly and have a nice anodised finish on them. Seven runs on the Fort William downhill course and the wheels still run true and on my sons eighth he came off and dislocated his shoulder but the wheels are perfect. If y
  • Too Tight To Mount Maxxis Tyres

    Posted on 5 April 2018 about Stans MK3 Electro Premium Build by K. Pegg

    3 stars

    Have a set of the 26" Arch. Pleased with the weight, pickup of the hub and the width is great. My biggest gripe is that mounting my 2.4" High Roller or 2.5" Minion is a fight to get the bead over the rim. Had to use soap solution. Dreading getting a trailside puncture.


    Superstar Comment: 

    I think the problem is normally the tyres not the wheel

  • Alpine 30 Colour Lime

    Posted on 16 February 2018 about Electro Alpine Trail Wheelset - COLOUR EDITION by r. williamson

    5 stars
    Great wheelset. very smooth and instant pick up on hub is really noticeable on climbs. great value for money Did have a slight issue with leaking tape for tubeless set up but that aside the wheel is a huge improvement on the WTBi wheels previously on my bike
  • Great

    Posted on 9 December 2017 about Electro Alpine Trail Wheelset - COLOUR EDITION by T. Lewis

    5 stars
    Great set of wheels, excellent value for money. No problem setting up tubeless. Light enough for the width. Interesting whirr from the freehub, I rather like it. You can't remove the decals but they look good anyway. Highly recommended
  • Excellent Value Wheels

    Posted on 19 October 2017 about Stans MK3 Electro Premium Build by D. Allen

    4 stars

    Just received a set of these with 27.5 Crest rims. First impressions are good. Both wheels straight & true with tight spokes, however a couple of spoke blades were twisted 90 degrees on the rear. This was easily rectified but a quick QC check by Superstar should have picked this up. On the scales, front weighs an impressive 660g. Rear 840g which is a tad heavy for such a build spec. The ext

  • Alpine 30 Colour Ed Orange

    Posted on 4 October 2017 about Electro Alpine Trail Wheelset - COLOUR EDITION by R. James

    5 stars
    Excellent wheelset, very impressed with the quality. Instant pick up from the free hub (plus it sounds like an angry wasp is chasing you!). Set up tubeless first time with schwalbe tyres, 2.35 Magic Mary and Hans Dampf look huge on the 30mm wide rim (it is 35mm external). Lots more grip on offer! Wheels arrived with even tension and run true, well packaged. Rim decals can't be removed if you we
  • Nice, Light Wheelset

    Posted on 28 July 2017 about Stans MK3 Electro Premium Build by D. Carter

    5 stars
    Weights without tape or valves Front: 740g Rear: 924g Total: 1,664g Lighter than Stan's own build, which is just over 1,700g
  • Really Great Wheelset!

    Posted on 11 May 2017 about Fuel 60POE XX27 Probuild DEAL by J. Syrovatka

    5 stars
    I am satisfied with the quality. After 200 kilometers I wanted to clean the freehub but I have found that the pawl system was broken. I had written an email with photos and after one week I had the new one at home. Quick service!

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