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  • Fuel Hub

    Posted on 9 April 2018 about Fuel Rear Hub by D. Evans

    5 stars
    Looks good Sounds good Bombproof
  • Terrible

    Posted on 5 December 2017 about Electro 102 Rear Hub by A. Johansson

    1 stars

    After only a few months use in dry weather the hub body seized to the axle. No warranty given either.

    Superstar Comment:

    Hello the amount of rusty water inside the freehub says otherwise. As we advised it just needed basic maintinence to replace the bearings as they were full of water (almost certainly from jetwasing).

  • Super Hub

    Posted on 4 November 2017 about Electro 102 Rear Hub by H. Jessen

    5 stars
    It's the best hub I ever had. Much better than dt swiss and hope.
  • Not Fit For Purpose

    Posted on 10 October 2017 about Electro 102 Rear Hub by G. Buckingham

    1 stars

    BE WARNED these hubs are not fit for 11 speed Shimano XT8000 Cassettes, they can't take the weight & cassette WILL fall off taking hub centre with it & you'll loose the insides & you will NOT be able to claim off the warranty. I've had to give 1 star but I would give ZERO


    Superstar comment:

    Hello the electro hub is designed exactly the same as Stans or

  • Oem Hub Made By Aivee

    Posted on 21 March 2017 about Fuel Front Hub by b. henrion

    5 stars
    Hi, Just to say if you want to find reviews about those hubs, they are rebranded Aivee MT2, a french brand:
  • Alpine Survivors

    Posted on 7 February 2017 about Switch Ultra Rear Hub by K. Matziaris

    5 stars
    I got a pair of DS25 wheels with ultra hubs on my GT XC bike for a 10 trip in the alps last summer. Dusted banged and punished over 950km in 10 days from Germany, to Austria, Switzerland and Italy. A bit to the heavy side but trustful under any conditions.
  • High Quality, Super Reliable

    Posted on 7 February 2017 about Switch Ultra Rear Hub by M. Deere

    5 stars
    I've got this hub on two of my bikes, one of them I've done about 500 miles on while the other I've racked up over 1,500 miles with. In that time they have been totally fit and forget, never missing a beat. The engagement is solid and very reassuring, I've never had either of them slip a pawl even when really putting the hammer down (something I have happen on occasion with my Hope Pro 2 Evo.)
  • Weight Is Spot On

    Posted on 6 January 2017 about Switch Ultra Rear Hub by S. Hicks

    5 stars
    Ordered a set of these with xd driver, laser spokes, flow rims and alloy nipples. Weight was exactly (-3grms) what I expected using SS quoted weights and online calculator for the other parts. Great light, cheap, reliable option for hubs.
  • Lovely

    Posted on 2 January 2017 about Electro 102 Rear Hub by B. Lingwood

    5 stars
    Couldn't be happier with this hub the pick up is unbelievable! Super large flanges for a stiff build & the bearings are smooth as silk. Easiest freehub ever for taking off so servicing is a breeze. *****
  • Nice Hub, Bearings A Bit Sketchy Though.

    Posted on 30 October 2016 about Electro Front Hub by B. Lingwood

    4 stars
    Always been a supporter of superstars stuff. Lovely hub thats super light although my bearings have a bit of roughness to them on each rotation when spun on my fingers. Not noticeable when built up and probably just need some bedding in. almost on par with hope.. Hopefully the rear hub doesn't have any such issues at that price.

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