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  • Excellent As A Lightweight Track Rim

    Posted on 15 November 2016 about BOR R373 Rim by M. Carey

    5 stars
    I picked up a pair of these for some track wheels I was having built. The 32h disc rims don't have a braking track, which is perfect for use on a fixed wheel track bike.
  • Arc 22 Rims

    Posted on 6 June 2016 about Arc22 Ultrawide Rim by p. moody

    5 stars
    don't worry about the 60psi,its just enough.had these as part of a custom build including icon hubs and sapim spokes,mated with 25mm swachable tires.used a few times and just completed the Cambridge grand fondo.verdict-excellent ! light weight,fast and strong with great braking,and all at an unreal price!
  • Nice Rims But...

    Posted on 18 November 2015 about Arc22 Ultrawide Rim by Iain

    1 stars

    These are nice rims but BE AWARE that the maximum tyre inflation pressure on these rims is 60psi (as marked in small print near the valve hole) and Superstar will not guarantee their performance above this pressure.


    Superstar Comment: The max pressure is a warning so you dont blow your tyres up! The rim will take it but when you are running wider rims and bigger tyres you

  • Doctor

    Posted on 18 March 2015 about Pave 28 Rim by Eddie

    5 stars
    Needed a new rim for a rear wheel rebuild, tried this due to width. Definitely helps getting the power down.

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